Shanghai Longfeng paper would you write


first is the title of the article has long tail word characteristics, the article page useexcept as new content to attract the spider crawling, increase included in the site, or a layout of the long tail word key point, many Shanghai dragon Er will require a news section site in optimization, the purpose is to facilitate the the layout of the long tail word.


is actually the reason why sometimes is because you don’t actually write today, Shanghai dragon world with their own personal experience to talk about Shanghai dragon to write original articles should pay attention to what

The second is the content of the ?

is the last exposure, the effects of the exposure time of the search engines crawl the web, which is why we’re in the chain always put some inside pages of the hyperlink, guide the user to click, increase exposure, the purpose is to better able to increase the weight of the page, improve included, increase traffic.

for Shanghai dragon, writing that is not strange, every Shanghai dragon, whether you are a novice or veteran, is to write an article from this step. Just write so many articles, you really will write

so in general, write every Shanghai dragon do, but how to write it or we need to study more and >


with love Shanghai for content increasing the degree of attention, the original content simply does not seem to meet the love of Shanghai’s appetite, sometimes you will find that you write original articles desperately, but included and ranking web site does not seem to be much better.

image matching, graphic combination is now the majority of people would use in the optimization are updated, and if the image size and the ALT tag is reasonable, there may be love Shanghai picture capture, have more opportunity to show, in writing, and the content of the picture the content of the article should, since love Shanghai entered the era of pictures, the content of the picture is the search engine as a critical evaluation of a web content, if not the corresponding pictures and the contents of the article, so the light will be search engine shielding picture will be reduced, or even URL station sort of punishment, so we in update the article when used in combination with the graphic to focus on the matching degree of both.



is the content of the article is readable, the readability of the content is mainly to allow articles included into the upper index library love Shanghai, according to the official statement, only after the rise into the index library have more chance to be displayed to the user, it is involved in the ranking system, if it is in the lower the index, then indexed pages are likely to be spit out. So we in writing, readability should pay attention to the content of the article.

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