Shanghai dragon is not high high rate of return on investment in SEM mode

is not a Shanghai dragon investment can secure the marketing way, its development depends heavily on the search engine, search engine update algorithm, many enterprise site will  collateral damage . If you just rely on the Shanghai dragon, when the site was K, the online marketing revenue may be zero, even more frightening is the punishment of the search engine is not to say that one or two days, short weeks a few months, and the recovery phase of the dark gray is undoubtedly to the enterprise. We do not consider the objective reasons of the search engine, website is also possible because our Shanghai dragon error leading to K. At the same time, we need to face fierce competition, your natural ranking, you are vulnerable to peer envy, or even malicious exclusion, these are uncertain factors we need into consideration in the calculation of Shanghai dragon investment returns the.

two: Shanghai dragon compared to PPC

The more intense competition

many companies tend to only see the PPC in PPC in the fierce competition, who is out of the high price, who will have a good ranking, generally our competitors are up to dozens of. But in the Shanghai dragon competition is another picture, Shanghai dragon competition there? We just search a certain flow of words can be found hundreds of pages of search results, the search results may be hundreds of pages, and can really profit may be only the first three pages. I can not help feeling: "achieves guku million". Shanghai dragon competition is cruel, many site is often not profitable has won the head broken and bleeding. But the sleep without any anxiety in the forefront of the search results whether the site can be? The water to flow downwards, you are up, for those at the top of the site should always beware of competitors. In the cruel competition from Shanghai dragon you need to calculate the new rate of return on investment? After often have many enterprises to invest in Shanghai Longfeng site, finally had to face the Shanghai dragon cannot bring the return dilemma, because the industry competition is too big.

three: Shanghai dragon investment is not very low

rate of return on investment for the love Shanghai encyclopedia explanation: the rate of return on investment (ROI) refers to the investment and should return the value of the enterprise economic returns from an investment business investment. The rate of return on investment is profit of every enterprise concerned. While many companies will choose Shanghai dragon as their search engine marketing (SEM) and the main strategy that ran its high rate of return on investment. Does Shanghai dragon investment return rate is so high? From the input to one PPC on the surface of the bottomless pit, Shanghai dragon is indeed a high return on investment strategy. But we look deeper words, you will find that Shanghai dragon also has some shortcomings, which can make the rate of return on investment discount.


: the uncertain factors make Shanghai Longfeng return on investment risk of

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