Shanghai dragon in the optimization of the keyword density how much more appropriate

summary, keyword layout plays an important part in the whole station optimization, many enterprises to optimize the effect is not good, is the first step in the layout of the keywords is insufficiently rigorous caused, no attention to key words and web page relevance, not focus on keyword density, so the influence to the site keywords ranking, above is the depth of the network Xiaobian share "Shanghai dragon in the optimization of the keyword density how much more appropriate" related information.

topic page, all set in a page, project page density must be high, special page keyword density should be controlled between 6%-9%, the density of not too large;

2, the list page keyword density

list page layout is the core keywords, keyword layout must follow the same type of layout, increase the relevance of keywords, and then control the keyword density between 2%-8%;

home is the layout of the key words, the weight is the highest, the layout of the core keywords to make core keywords to get good rankings, the density can not be too low, the general home density control in 5%-9%


content page to consider the user experience, the necessary natural keyword density, you can control the malicious stack, 1%-6%, the content of the page keyword density is too high, too easy to affect the reading content;

4, the content page keyword density

home page keyword density

introduction: Shanghai Longfeng optimization is an important indicator of keywords ranking, ranking and keyword density has great relationship, and for numerical control in the number of keyword density, this is not a sure, is that 2%-8% as the standard, because every person in Shanghai Longfeng optimization insights is not the same. The numerical density of keywords is not the same, according to the different situation that small deep web page, keyword density values vary, the keyword density can be controlled at 1%-9%, take a look below.

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Only one page

3, page keyword density

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