Choose the right keywords is the first step in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

third, compared with the gap, to find high quality vocabulary.

second, good for using tools to help out.

Keywords High quality According to the

vocabulary to drive traffic to your site is not too popular vocabulary, can I see results in the short term. Not popular vocabulary is the first choice, fish diving to the bottom, Eagles cleaved the sky., for their own is the best. How to find high quality vocabulary? The author Dennis said in addition to keyword recommended tools, but also related with the current recommended search engine keywords and competitor data to do this, "winners and losers" considered to find high quality vocabulary is the most suitable site.

positioning determines the content of the website theme, generally we are positioning website keywords according to the enterprise product information. For new sites, its wide range of products to do simple words, do search engine home difficult, we will pre position area to drive the product word word.


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first, segmentation keywords, do a good job priority.

keyword search volume index, and word length, the difficulty of optimization keywords is not the same. This requires us to distinguish keywords priority for the main keywords to optimize the time to focus, to increase its weight in order to be able to participate in the rankings. And the long tail word extension can be decorated in a web page, to guide the path to exposure.

for many Shanghai dragon Er, keyword is difficult. Because they do not know how to carry out the analysis, even from competitors to obtain keywords do not know for your website application. Then the author Dan told you, no need to use their brains, you can directly select the keyword recommended tools to select software, the data are usually more comprehensive, analysis of key words can bring you flow. If you are not able to clearly choose keywords then choose to use them! Gentleman born non different, good fake to things, is the best optimization skills weaknesses.

website ranking optimization can be selected according to, but how to choose the site keywords! Before the author Dennis said, keyword selection is usually choose 1 to 2 core keywords, and then according to the latest user needs extending the vocabulary. For now we’d better change the algorithm, combined with the competitors and tools of power to choose keywords, it can guarantee within a certain period of time to carry out some website traffic, network marketing.

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