Experience and Thoughts on love after May Shanghai algorithm rule change

first, "5· 20" event not fall "phenomenon inspired us. Some of the webmaster friends and themselves, several sites in the May Shanghai day love event query his website, data including other webmaster friends, there is an interesting phenomenon, and the forum exclaimed website ranking drop, included drop is different, we have a few sites was encountered and other friends of the opposite of "special treatment", ranking that day did not decline but remain stable or slightly progress, and it is the big change, rather than reduce a substantial increase. After summarize and reflect on this special phenomenon, we found love in Shanghai algorithm system significantly increased the weight on the stability of high quality content sites, not for purely Shanghai dragon means, but rather focus on the original content, development and stability before the website was given a very stable treatment, so that the steady improvement in the performance optimization not only strong and. This is telling us that we should pay attention to create high quality content in the optimization process in the future, no longer obsessed with skills but to provide a real "hard" to love Shanghai, high quality web content that is amenable to the user and search engine double test.

second, the chain of more stringent audit on the quality of fine screening. Through the analysis and statistics of his several websites, found nearly two months of the chain changes significantly less than before, behind this small change reflects the love for Shanghai chain increasingly cautious and strict attitude. The use of signatures to construct anti chain in the forum, including in search of the chain add ask, as well as in the independent blog comment construction methods such as anti chain now than in the past so relaxed and easy, as long as the previous statistics show that these as the chain platform website >

May in Shanghai Longfeng workers and owners are not destined to a quiet month, happened this month to let everyone disturb and concern "5· 20" event, to care about website optimization webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER has added a touch of throbbing, love Shanghai once again test your endurance and endurance. Although this change eventually let many people feel the "near misses" behind the phenomenon keenly aware of, but is the recent love Shanghai continues to carry out a change brought about by the algorithm for fine-tuning the rules, worthy of our attention.

The search engine algorithm

love Shanghai while in the pure technical perspective and noble baby still exists a considerable gap, but in the field of evaluation and algorithm of Chinese sites and content are constantly according to their accumulated technology and experience, establish a set of special quality standard, used to judge Chinese website. The recent algorithm related changes reflected the tried and tested love Shanghai has never stopped in this area, only for these small changes to attention, and learn a lesson, to make future website optimization work have a more clear direction, more in line with the Shanghai love preferences, easier to get good grades.

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