2 youth must start learning Shanghai dragon from the search engine principle

as a Shanghai dragon staff, if you want your website to be more spiders included, must want to let the spider to grab the page you can. If you are not able to capture all of the pages, at least to let the spider grab your important page. Then, the spider is how to determine the importance of the page. About this a few factors:

this article, I want to briefly talk about the principle of search engine, in fact, as a Shanghai dragon, must be familiar with the principle of search engine. As long as you are familiar with the principle, various optimization techniques, you can better understand why.


Hello, I’m Yan Jiangfeng, an article on the "Youth": since for some novice who recently published Shanghai dragon, has continued to have a lot of friends add my QQ:793030022. Finish the article I found that too much, the time limit has not been able to write more, and write an article sometimes not close to two hours, please forgive me.

import links: a page to be a spider know, also must have import links into this.

Shanghai dragon which said the spider is a program of search engine, used to crawl and visit the page, love Shanghai: Baiduspider, Google spider is called robots: noble baby bot.

update: after a spider crawling website, will put the page data storage, next time when crawling, if you find this page or like last time. This page shows no update, the spider will think there is no need to frequently crawling and crawling, anyway, every time this page is the same content. If every spiders are found to have updates, it will come more frequently.

recently often receive some friends advice, especially to contact with the industry friends. One of my friends in Shanxi, I have asked the Shanghai Longfeng academic requirements. My answer is not high degree of Shanghai dragon, as long as you have a heart to adhere to and willing to learn. Someone told me that he did not understand programming, not code, may be a barrier? The friend reminded me of the resistance to Shanghai dragon at the beginning, it is that I do not know of, do not want to contact Shanghai dragon, that they have no advantage in this respect. When I first saw the book first page told me: Shanghai dragon does not need programming, my eyes lit up. BTW, do Shanghai dragon and network marketing engineer, HTML, div+CSS and JS basic to understand some of the.

spider crawling on a link on the page, crawling from one page to another page, it is through these links. The spider crawling into breadth first and depth first. In theory, every kind of method, can let the spider crawling all the pages, but our actual situation, time is not unlimited, could not finish all of the above page crawling the internet.

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