How is your website user experience checks

users to stay on a page can reflect the user for the love of the page, so is the direct embodiment of the user experience, it has considerable influence on the page ranking. In fact we do a lot of optimization is to increase user stay on the page in time, for example, enrich the content of a web page, a more reasonable planning page, add pictures and descriptions, these are the increase in users stay on the page of the time, they are also helpful to ranking.

theory, users stay in a page long time will be on this page ranking the most helpful, but in practice, the residence time is not optimized to >

The first page of the PV The length of time

again, the page residence time


many people think of a website, be more links to the description of this page is more important in the whole website, ranking will be better. In fact, from the station’s point of view, when actually doing optimization in this aspect will encounter some problems, it is difficult to control, but also easily lead to excessive optimization. When the deliberate pursuit of link oriented, easy to ignore the user experience, because a page link requires users to click on the link is effective. So it is more important to control a page of the outbound link click rate, if a page which links the user will have to click, which shows the relevance of this page and other pages is very good, and very good plays the role of a bridge, indicating that the user experience is very good.

the second page of the outbound link click rate of

site experience is related to the process of the overall operation of the website, and in the current Internet environment users first ", owners pay more attention to the user experience of the website, the key of the user experience has been needless to say, we want to make the user experience, the premise must understand, from what is the website user experience checks, to examine the specific circumstances of the user experience from what. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) and we talk about this problem:


factor is relatively large impact on the ranking, Shanghai has been in love to give the weight of a page page according to the PV value, PV value and ranking is proportional to the. When the page optimization PV value, according to the degree of difficulty of keywords to do keyword more difficult to give it more PV. Method of increasing PV page can be from 2 aspects: resources and resources outside the station station. The website can give more internal resources to position can increase the PV of a page, equivalent to the recommended operation. Outside the station can be through a variety of drainage way to a page flow (due to the chain which is why, in the hair of the chain is difficult to do more to support the keyword page).

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