Experts are master misunderstanding behind nobodycancasuallysucceed

to the friend said, you must change the idea, important is not the Shanghai dragon, is not any kind of promotion methods, but you must Jingxiaxinlai think first position — Thinking from the user’s point of view, my tutor, tutor others, what users need, my advantage is in what place, what are my weaknesses, I distinguished from others as a tutor selling point in what place.

so I simply refused him, because in the current period of Shanghai special love shock, I cannot guarantee a very short period of time, some optimization work I love to win the favor of Shanghai — if the content acquisition pseudo original copy, I have no faith. But if careful integration content, time cannot guarantee, this time I can not afford to consume more, he can not afford to consume.

is more important, as the industry of tutoring, there was no geographical restrictions, "the long tail" enough "long tail" accumulation, network marketing can not effectively play the "text to the distant talking" power. In this case, the network marketing (including Shanghai dragon) can be used as an auxiliary means of online marketing.

a friend asked me to, I am disappointed to you: not Shanghai Longfeng expert? I said, I just started to learn programming knowledge now, which is what the Shanghai dragon expert, but has been in the study. But I must warn you, more than a year, from Online to Offline, you have tried various methods they heard, I can tell you, it is these methods.

dream can not be easily successful friends you ready

and, from the site outside the chain of simple query, I see that the heart of a friend too, Kunming is "not crispy skin", more than a year from QQ, blogs, websites, forums, information classification, question and answer to the micro-blog marketing, he has done over, but because there is no effect, no methods persist. Therefore, regardless of the network marketing and offline promotion, is still in the exploratory stage, hear what good promotion methods immediately learning implementation, but as long as a month with no effect no passion, barely is "monk chanting, youkouwuxin" — such as you do, high technology, can really do a good job any marketing work.

a few days ago, a G tutor friend to contact me by QQ, his website is K, I hope to help him to restore the site included love Shanghai.

I glanced at his friend for over a year, Shanghai dragon indeed enhance the space, the main content is poor, the lack of regular maintenance, in addition to love the sea K station, Google has never been included, most of the search engine is included only 49. The chain extension is not good, love Shanghai domain the number of queries is only more than 600, Alexa included the chain for a digit.




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