The new upgrade four key PR

smart people can not sit still, a clever Shanghai dragon can not be complacent. To change this situation, I need to continue to learn to summarize, so I ask the predecessors, read the information, to improve their website PR value through their own efforts, to get these knowledge and pay attention to the problem of inductive write down, may be able to help more and I like a man.

formula: (1 – 0.85) * 0.85 (PR / chain) =PR input value

is a new station, at the beginning of the site, the PR value must be 0, this is the time to exchange links often passive, most are nothing. In fact, at this time, we can rely on their own website to give extra points. We can do some of the more famous.

is the chain building high quality for website optimization of the PR value are very light if the meaning of garbage chain for the website optimization has no effect. In the release of the chain, we choose the best platform to publish web site PR, I suggest here PR> 5 of the site, when the site formation of outbound links, Shanghai will form the links included love transfer. As for how to send the chain, how to write the article, the same. Carefully, we can get in return.


I think more than two, even if not for our webmaster nobility baby PR value, but also play a good, because it is fundamental to Shanghai dragon. Now I’m 贵族宝贝bzqss贵族宝贝 the site optimization, the data is almost the most original, let me look at the specific methods, and the results for everyone to share.

2. content quality still affect the PR value of

1. the chain quality affect

is not only the chain effect of the PR value, the content of the website is not outside the chain, at present, any search engine on the contents of the original. Sometimes we observe some website data, found that the number of the chain, included the number are many, but the PR is not high, ranking is not good.

Shanghai dragon road Links

PageRank, the PR value, PageRank technology. The author is scratching his forehead, so that the PR value directly reflects the popularity of this website. The PR value becomes more important, a transfer of the PR value, sometimes even become the only index exchange chain and determine the weights of the website. As a webmaster, I think no one wants their website of the data are inferior, but a month since the author’s personal blog of Shanghai Dragon Road (Shanghai dragon PR 0. Pure original content filling, the high quality of the chain release, return or PR=0.

3. do export link

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