The site construction company of Shanghai dragon global optimization program read to understand

site using discuz program, the overall layout is clear and concise, give people a fresh feeling, but for the optimization, can be said that the value of this web site can provide less and less, there are people of their own member is affixed to the top, because as a customer site at the time, requirements are very busy, do not take the time to register and reply, said the following website layout problems and solutions from several small details.

site layout problems and solutions

navigation layout solution: navigation layout is a site weight distribution is relatively high, then a good navigation allows users to quickly find the content they want, even at the same time, to the keywords, so the navigation layout can not be ignored.

for a site construction company, Shanghai dragon chose to do promotion, not only can improve the user experience, but also can save most of the promotion expenses, today a friend asked the station, how to optimize a site of the company website, then look at his website, feel that this site does not meet the Shanghai Dragon optimization after the standard, the friend asked what is the core keywords, he even didn’t know words are open, just want to improve site traffic and order, after a brief exchange was found, the friend of Shanghai dragon is not much, but to explain to him that it takes a lot of time, so I put on how to the website construction company Shanghai dragon optimization promotion write, hope to help promote the company website.

navigation layout reference: Home > website construction


navigation layout has four, but the four navigation performance are not matched to Shanghai dragon words, just one on their own business and the case, and the user search information bias, through the analysis of data can be found as a site of the company, as customers are needed to do the people can reach the best interview, therefore, this kind of user to search keywords to find the site? Of course: the Weihai site, Weihai site, Weihai site construction company, Weihai where home is good and other words, at the same time, but also need to care about what to do in the analysis of users? We can learn from the Internet data, some common ask the information users care station price, station flow, site qualification, site of the company, the establishment of the case, but in this case and Of not very good, although there is a price, but difficult, need the establishment of the most customers do not know what is the discuz, therefore, in the terms of the offer in accordance with the best function to distinguish price for the best.

1. navigation layout problem

first look at the friend’s website: 贵族宝贝cmsoft168贵族宝贝/


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