Vertical portals and electricity supplier Shanghai Longfeng ideas

two years ago, a large electricity supplier website is because of this, love the sea included only a few thousand, when looking for my advice, although there is no sign, I can not bear their enthusiasm to ask. This is a key point to point out, this site they solved it quickly. To solve it, no longer cooperate. Detailed understanding after the discovery, they have in fact and a Shanghai dragon company in cooperation, but the other can not solve this problem.

operation of these ideas, the key is the details, because the search engine has been changed. For example, published in the article "search engine of Shanghai dragon strategy", by many large websites, unreasonable love Shanghai station later modified the algorithm to deal with web search results page. This child wants a good deal, key details must be adjusted, otherwise it is difficult to see the effect.


2, for example to create cross combination of keywords: a tourism website "the whole city from XX to XX City special offer ticket" combination, suddenly relaxed whole out of hundreds of thousands of words.

to get a massive Shanghai dragon must have a mass flow, Shanghai Longfeng keywords.

, a web site if there are tens of millions of web pages, how to quickly put these 6 places are tens of millions of "good optimization. It can use manual work, we must use a good idea.

The key point is

1, the website itself mining word strategies: e.g. iCIBA website, every word is a keyword, resulting in millions of keywords.

foundation of large-scale website itself is very good, you don’t need to do too much external backlinks, only need to put the internal optimization, will soon see the effect.

how to operate?Keywords: Because the

first step blasting method

keywords layout strategy

3, a popular word through popular word analysis strategies: love Shanghai billboard, and reasonable website section or content with reasonable access to Shanghai Longfeng flow. For example, the word search volume these days "private custom" every day up to hundreds of thousands, but the Shanghai dragon competition is not fierce, a section of your site or products of a reasonable combination of the word, the word optimization to the front, the Shanghai dragon flow as can be imagined.

every one of the words ", which are needed in 6 places, repeated the keyword ranking. So, from the "appearance, this page is hardly deliberately optimized, but in the search engine, the" around the word is very professional. The 6 point is that I find in my previous article, not repeat here.

The second step:

4 engine blasting site search: for example, a commercial website only ten thousand products, but we can use search to create millions of keywords.

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