The reason the site was K only one of the only child home

fourth, website website if treatment is not good, would like to modify the URL path as the structure of the site as a whole if the change is too large, each layer changes between the search engine is too large, all of a sudden to react, will be punished on our website, light hair, heavy K off the page.

third, URL modified sites such as some site of the first is dynamic, then in order to generate static, the URL address changed. Do not handle it in this way, if the URL address change did not do 301 or shielding dynamic address old, is most likely to result in the K page is an important reason, because the search engine will be that a large number of duplicate content, there is a lot of websites will have a dead link, the two points of our site is very bad.

server, if you site space often is not stable, the spider grab content search engine users encounter obstacles, for a long time or open access often can not open state, this situation will lead to the inside pages of your site search engine K, but most often is not included in your content. Only in the most serious cases will K your pages. The reason is very simple, clear that the Google website open speed will directly affect the ranking, because if a website open speed slow search engine that is of low quality and low quality page, page search processing approach is the most basic is not included, will lead to serious content is K.


second, the content and page is poorly correlated with the content of a web site as we write a Book of the same title, the website is the title of the book. Our website is to focus on our title writing, so we must concentrate on the theme. If your title is clearly do Shanghai dragon, but the book is not a what like beauty theme and content. This situation is likely to be search engine K off pages.

page fifth, the low quality of the low quality of what page? Like some website pages but seldom, and advertising content more than the content itself. Once a friend website page is K, let me analyze. Family is a riddle that many websites, advertising allows users to find content. Because sometimes a riddle itself may be a few words, he the whole page is > Advertising

The first

website is depilated things and believe that many webmaster met, as long as the ratio is not too big or not have a direct impact on the ranking, but it is more serious than the inside pages were all pulled out and leave you only a single Miao Miao. This problem is more serious, if no measures are taken, it is likely to be K station. In order to solve the problem we must first know the root cause of this problem where this can be an antidote against the disease, the disease, then we have to look at the website page is what leads to a total of K, and then use the exclusion method, so that we can clearly know the site where the fault lies in.

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