Website optimization is the essence of success naturally do website content

content is king view has been popular, the quality of content and improve the user experience, has become a lot of website construction and website operators consensus. From the user’s perspective, a website can bring more information, at least you can let the user worthwhile". What’s more, a lot of attention to the contents of the website itself can bring help and value to the user. The search engine will need more quality content, because the search engine itself does not create the content, but only through the spider crawling content retrieval. Only Everfount provide high quality web content will continue to care, the search engine’s patronage and favor. There are many factors to determine the quality of content, the same article different people will have different views, although the different views, what kind of content is a good content? Shanghai website design company pilot technology view is the best content is the essence of website optimization.

Internet search engine, said love is not long nor short articles, and keywords as much as possible in the front or back there. The author of this view if this assertion is established, beg to differ, most of the content on the Internet is not short not long five hundred or six hundred words, then this is the natural search engine is not willing to see. In other words, a site if more than 90% of the content, length are highly similar, then the search engine is free to determine the site of cheating. We believe the subjective speculations that the content of the website as long as the broken is broken, the content and the length of text number should be determined according to the actual need, but not for inclusion and ranking and control the length of the article.

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web content length as a very important reason, is to take care of the user experience. Only the user feel good website, will really help the network marketing. In order to let the search engines, and to control the length of the human will bring what kind of results? Need a long and minute statement to express views, because space can not be extended. While originally hundreds of words can be expressed that article, but piling text to piece length, cause poor user experience. You know some of the performance of the application of experience, such as browsing time and browsing depth, will also affect the quality of site search engine to judge. So, when we are rich web content, don’t care about the length, more should pay more attention to the quality of.

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website column setting and different functions, the site should have a variety of types of articles. We use the enterprise website for example, a website will generally have a corporate profile, products, news, recruitment, information feedback, contact information and other columns. The same site naturally will not need different columns, in our company profile column, published content is natural and company related enterprises, such as introduction, company culture and the development of vision and so on. Some news and information.

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