How to correctly understand the site location

3. see Optimization of

for the content of the forum, we should pay attention to avoid the phase.


1. industry segments

ranked the top three in the title of the word sprinkler price, also love Shanghai relevant search also appeared sprinkler price, which directly shows the search needs sprinkler price this user is slowly rising, but still not up to the sprinkler images and video demand.

2. conventional positioning

1. the user needs as the core of

, a website must have a reason to exist, when analysis of keyword needs we should treat yourself as a user or "white", rather than standing on their own perspective and point of pure Shanghai dragon, otherwise it will fall into the content or no think value but not good experience substantial drawbacks. Keywords positioning relation and optimization direction after the site is of vital importance. We put the words in the search for love in Shanghai, ranking the first page of the website and related search comparison, through a detailed analysis of user needs for keywords, for example: such as "truck" the keyword

site of Shanghai Longfeng site optimization must do first before work, on the website of the profit model, users, and so many a face of regional positioning, the positioning is after we Shanghai Longfeng optimization process of a major and to a good location, then we can make web site for ranking money flow through the Internet, if the location is not good may not rank or even though we are ranked to reach profitability, so the positioning of the site should pay attention to what? Here to share some.

website ranking quality survey

3. content plate

two, the new site how to locate the

, a keyword positioning needs

new era we have our own industry segments, either keywords, content or demand, are no longer big segments, and complete website to a small but fine website, because the search engine and users want to have this to meet the specific needs of the precise site.

positioning includes the title, description, the first screen design, page layout, we are as simple as possible, the problem is the basic contents of the whole page main products, the website features plus users also worry about these pieces.


We are all in the Localization of


The overall layout of conventional

analysis of industry website


sprinkler price the word the user is a certain demand, if we do this keywords and provide content, it will directly enhance the audience and the amount of PV website.

up to three points:

There are

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