Long tail keywords huge orders less embarrassing away

service industry: good service, experience, place, how > XX

: delicious food industry, local name, brand, nutritious, delicious, distinctive words;

obviously the latter is what we want, but often many people will go to the optimization of the word Xiamen specialty, because the word index is high, high flow, in the end, others made a sauce to go, and you will have numerous air flow, but little income. Of course, this is not to say that the optimization term is not correct, it can be as the target keywords, to attract traffic and users, but at the same time, you also need to cooperate with some means to guide the user to buy your goods, this is the right way, or the site is not white do? How to let people drop in left things go.


Mall: nice, easy to use, cost-effective, durable, good quality, customer service service, the price is cheap, what word;

users are generally to find websites through search keywords, keyword is between network and users, and choose a different road, the place is different, see things is not the same, give people the feeling is not the same, the same, choose different keywords, for user groups are not the same, their needs are not the same, interest and desire to buy is not the same. Like search and search Xiamen specialty products in Xiamen what to eat the best, Xiamen specialty search users may only see, learn to understand, not necessarily buy, but what to eat the best specialty search Xiamen users, is sure to buy, but entangled in what kind of delicious, where to buy delicious.

influences the profit of a website, is the ultimate goal of the website, and the conversion rate depends largely on the choice of keywords, but also part of the reason is in the user experience, but the last user experience I have analyzed, interested people can point into my room to see. I believe that many people have experienced a lot of traffic, but not what order things, I would say there is no detailed traffic order about keyword selection problems.

medical industry: this industry competition is intense, so the long tail to dig deeper, to the most effective treatment of XX disease, which hospital treatment of XX disease effect, XX symptoms of the disease, the medical profession words too much, will soon be dug up, one by one example out estimates can be up to the next year.

so how to guide users to buy? There are two ways, one is through the station articles or typesetting to guide customers to buy this, you can look at the Internet sale of some books or with close friends do sales more exchanges, I benefited from, I will elaborate on this unknown. Is there a way to tap the long tail keywords, and keyword mining method also has to write out, I also do not write, I will write on some experience in various industries to expand the long tail keywords, with these words, can tap into a lot of high conversion words:

The conversion rate of

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