Liu Jun the web page included the low rate of discussion and Solutions

many sites, especially in some large and medium-sized sites are generally there is a common problem is that some sectors included good, some classification problems included plate. The cause of this problem is the site of the internal gap according to the weight, the specific reasons for the problem is all sorts of strange things, may be the website internal link structure is reasonable, pointing to some internal links included the relatively poor classification is less, some classification of external links is not too small and so on.

blog system included has the advantage of


Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun himself made a Shanghai Longfeng personal blog WordPress, this blog system each with a new article will appear directly on the home page, if the article is original, the website did not do what was that search engines do not love things, what contains no problem too big, do home outside link building, improve the weight of home page is enough to ensure that each with new articles indexed by the search engines. If it is a completely original blog, the chain even without doing, included rate basically what the problem is, 95>%

many large and medium-sized sites included the common problems of

site included the number is a basic standard of website of Shanghai Longfeng quality, is the basis for the weights of the website, an important factor in ranking keywords obtained. The general webmaster for Links just look at the snapshot with the new time and the website included quantity, included the number of visible site importance. Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun to talk about some issues related to site collection today. Actually look at the site included the total number is wrong, a website needs further subdivision.

promotion website fully

If the The ratio of

is one of only 100 pages, but each page is love Shanghai included. A 500 page web site, but included the number of only 150, if you look at the number of collected words, the latter should be higher, but if considering the quality of the front of a site to the best. Just look at the site included the total number is obviously wrong, website inside pages included is full, it is a key problem for the web site.

site included the number and website page

is not fully included in the site, we need to find out the cause of the site itself, check the website structure, website internal link structure is conducive to the spider crawling, is not used too much flash or JS to the site can not be normal access by spiders. Check which classification included, which included plate difference, compare these different sections of the Shanghai dragon strategy what is different. If the site included some plate full, just try to keep the advantage of plate position, such as the original high quality article with new to these plates. Some included poor plate also can not completely give up, adjust the site links to these plates, and gradually add the quality of some of the external links of the backward classification weight.

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