Love Shanghai cancel Sitelink brand promotion with function or conflict


Sitelink Gooogle is the first person to use, relatively high on some of the weight of the site, in addition to Gooogle will return to normal in the search list, but also in the same domain under the sub page or column links list, called Sitelink (link station). The Sitelink is based on the user preferences through this algorithm, the master is unable to control, but the webmaster can login Webmasters platform on the noble baby delete or modify the order.



however, when I see again today some high weight website, found love Shanghai Sitelink has been canceled, but for the love of Shanghai’s products still retain Sitelink, which left us a great space to think.

Shanghai of Shanghai Longfeng November love action, following several algorithm update and head open, has launched a new feature "SiteLink". Most of the high weight of the site can display Sitelink in Shanghai love search, this shows that love Shanghai has officially launched the Sitelink. The following figure:

in their products only Sitelink Shanghai has cancelled a show of love

Sitelink has been Shanghai Longfeng practitioners think website optimization is the highest realm, because only the search engine weights are high enough to have this function, this function is currently has some well-known Web site. Sitelink search engine can be said to be a reward, on site by Sitelink, ranking the first web site can display more content in the search results, enhance the brand image of the website.

love Shanghai medial Sitelink display

fell in love with the sea show

I think, why love Shanghai a few days after the inside Sitelink function to cancel, are likely to have conflicts with brand promotion. The introduction of Sitelink to love Shanghai, love Shanghai can erect "positive" image, and gradually get rid of bad impression on the people to "give money ranked first, but also can not ignore the brand.


of course, Shanghai love to our announcement still claims the Sitelink function is still in the stage of the inside. This is our undeniable, because with the maturity of the Google, love Shanghai current sitelink lack of each column of the lack of relevant content, from the appearance is a little bit thin, from the user experience, the text descriptive content more conducive to improving the link by clicking rate.

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