n 2016 before the new station on the line will do the four Shanghai dragon optimization work

!Good show, the content of

so, website content, patient, to achieve the ultimate user content is the content you want

! , work not completed! !

2, the content of the website quality.

URL so keep the site stability, is a new station on the line before the end point must be one of the programming problems.

1, the stability of URL.

many owners in the initial design of the site, about the production of your site is very tall. A variety of columns, various channels, feel what. But when a user opens the page to find what almost no substantive content, or blank, or copy and paste various things. As a new station, there is no pre too much content is normal, why must a lot to get some spam or make some useless content? As doing subtraction, making a small but excellent website! Before the Internet has spread such a saying "do on the Dragon Phoenix must be included then, there are more opportunities to the front rank," Oh

now is the era of information explosion, the search engine included a new daily to tens of thousands of new sites, it is not possible to crawl to each page to join index database. Therefore, for different levels of the site, will assign a different collection quota. For example, a new site launched less than 1 months, may be included only 10 thousand "quota. If the unfortunate lack of content or content to grab lots of low quality sites, so this site will not give the search engine a good impression! Low quality content is too much, not only affects the quality of the content on the sites and grab included, but also reduce the search engine of Web site quality evaluation, thereby affecting the sustainable development of the future site.

for Shanghai dragon optimization of this work, a lot of people do not understand that it needs only in Shanghai Longfeng after the site built, do some optimization, a chain, you can exchange chain. For this idea, can only be said to want too difficult optimization ranking! Because I do not know where to start, a lot of places needing to be optimized in this paper bound hands and feet! His share: the new station must do what optimization work in front of the line

for a web site, the site’s structure is the foundation of success, are very important for the latter part of the ranking, operation. The website structure usually contains the page design, URL, layout, navigation path set within the chain construction. For a start-up website, the original design may have such as defects, we need to improve in the subsequent revision, even revision reconstruction. So at this time, we must ensure the stability of site URL path. The pages for search engines, which judge whether a website is familiar with on the path, if you continue to modify the path, the old and new path and not corresponding. This light to cause weight drop, flow reduction, weight is caused by K

as a new website to obtain rankings, ranking goes beyond the existing old website, must create valuable content to users, is not only.


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