Please optimistic about the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel

let Shanghai Longfeng staff feel no future is now Shanghai Longfeng wages are generally low, job recruitment is written on the Shanghai dragon, actually do is edit + promotion + optimization work, and pay less than three jobs pay 1/3. This makes Shanghai Longfeng staff can not see the hope of tomorrow, feel this is a chore, tired and promising wood. Because Shanghai Longfeng employees lower threshold, also caused a lot of people to engage in this work, the technical level is uneven.

today, a children’s shoes and complained to me said: "Shanghai dragon for a long time, feeling very confused, do not know where in the future, do not know to which aspects of the development. Shanghai dragon and found more and more difficult to do! Do SEO personnel there tomorrow?." In fact, I think that this is really a worrywarts. The work is not one step is to dawdle step, you should understand the location where you later! Here I talk about my future some of the views of Shanghai dragon. First, we look at the situation of domestic workers: Shanghai dragon

status: low wages for a person to do the work of several people

this also leads to the previously described, many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners because of unbearable low treatment + boring work flow and chose to give up the road. In fact, this also can not blame the enterprise, you imagine a business owner you hiring in the past do optimization, open 4000+ to you (according to the Zhengzhou local wages) salary, you can use the Shanghai dragon enterprise to bring much profit? And you can how long can let Shanghai Longfeng effect? If you do not let you do editing, promotion, outside the chain, then ask you, your every day is to check a website Web site data, there is no exception, this is your work day? If you do go up to specify your target keywords for three months, three months, you can earn 12000 of the wages for the boss? Fourth months if your site has been rather baffling K, you should give the boss to explain how

do Shanghai Longfeng personnel is not really no way in fact?. We should know that everything must learn to master is the rookie from here, but you should give.

? ?

Shanghai dragon is really no future

in Shanghai Longfeng plus some training institutions with the position to myth, claims to master this technology can let you not worry, and a monthly salary of 5000+, so you can learn how many hours to get the key words on the front page of the book. This exaggerated propaganda also make learning Shanghai dragon have found, dream and reality are very distant gap. The thought that should be sitting in the bright and spacious office environment, doing the work of Shanghai dragon yearning. In fact, just an ordinary enterprise to do some odd jobs, the expectation value suddenly reduced several steps, tedious work of great contrast and make Shanghai Longfeng dull as ditch water, the people feel miserable.

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