The excellent standard chain every bit of ranking is very important

The general situation of

outbound links too much directly will distract the weight, this should not be difficult to understand, like a bowl of porridge, if can also be among 2 people drink, if to 10 people drink it is tasted, certainly not how many points. Some sites of PR although very high, the weight is also very high. But if the export link is much better than we imagine and. We do link time also can not see the other site PR which is included in the number of multi do, should see a comprehensive index, like the time to buy things, not only function is to look at the price.

general, the main objective is to link search engine links through better crawling their site, so as to enhance the weight and included, but in addition, if the external links in web traffic is relatively large, but also bring certain flow, the ranking of Alexa is also very helpful, but need to judge this is a natural growth or by cheating brush flow through the Googel trend.

site traffic

is the first to see the PR value, many webmaster said there is no direct relationship between the PR value and ranking, but the normal high PR station accumulated value of the site’s ranking will definitely help. The other is the domain name registration time, including whether was included in the Dmoz directory of the time and stability. In addition to the overall external links is the number of sites, these are hard targets website.

We all love

since it is in the ideal external links should meet the conditions, then the last point is a very important point, there is an external link time, a good external links must be stable enough time to play a role. The newly added external links, need 4-8 weeks to be calculated in a stable chain, sometimes a website to do a lot of external links have no effect, because the time is too short. So, "

outside the chain, the chain of good love you more, although many online about the chain of the article, and we are also familiar with some aspects of it, but some of the details you may have not been aware of, I think I have some important write to share with you today. This is an excellent external link standard standard, every point of ranking is very important.

links including links to content also includes external links, if the site weight is very high, but to give you the link page is specially put links to do, at the same time, there are few other sites link to the Links page, then the weight of the page will be greatly reduced. If the other side of the page link at the bottom of the home page or the normal page, we will check the page links, if the number of the more general quality is better.

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The number of


The duration of

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