Some skills of website construction of small and medium sized enterprises

1, a search engine and keywords and flash

to tend to go wrong. Now more popular in general can display up to 1280 users but in settings often have their own preferences, are generally 800×600, many imperfections in the design deliberately to avoid this problem. Because both the print into a computer program or presentation program basically can not see the problem but really to foreign customers. 1024×768 set a little more, 1152 and 1280 are also useful especially foreign customers, often used in liquid crystal displays, liquid crystal displays the default resolution is 1024 or more so when the design must take into account the different resolutions of the situation, can do for good results.

IE browser has become the de facto standard, China. But other types of foreign markets and browser >

4, a

3, UI design on

is a very important part in network marketing. The mechanism of search engine is different, the construction site after landing a search engine to help customers find your website. But most of them support the keywords you need to find out the keywords associated with their company, making the website added. But there is a problem, mark the site optimization that if your site is pure flash so under normal circumstances, it is difficult to add a keyword, so be sure to prevent the production of all flash stations, it is best to mix design. Both effects, but also speed, while adding a large number of keywords. Note that the pile must not be any keyword or search engine will be identified as malicious deception and your site blacklisted.

love the kind of brilliant effects. But some problems still need attention for example, flash is not easy to maintain, there are now more and more enterprises choose to use flash to make a website. If there is a need to update the local is very convenient; flash operators have to rely on the client, requirements are relatively high, if you look at the design of the company’s computer on your computer or the effect is very smooth, does not mean that everyone can see this effect in flash; if you need to insert a lot of words, the best use of the dynamic input text, so small, and look more clearly. Note that a problem can not be ignored is brilliant effect with the search engine performance trade-offs between.

2, a resolution of


inside web thing but more important, allowing users to spend the least time to find what they need, while also taking into account, highlighting the corporate image, this is the fundamental goal of UI design. Commercial design is the most important is to pay attention to the user’s habits and orderly arrangement of the data. UI=UserInterface, user interface. A lot of companies to design UI understood as a simple interface design.

In fact, the

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