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canonicalization with words is to let the search engine can be a good judge of your website only URL address, regardless of what kind of user input page version of Web site, can be directly used URL return address. In general, the website homepage will correspond to several different versions of URL, for users, regardless of which version of the final input can access the site, and all that is home. From the external macro perspective, the site is not the same, but the return value is the same. If we set in the host, the web site jump to one of the most commonly used web site, and in the usual update maintenance, use the site to link, there is a URL standard.


sites do need to pay attention to the details of Shanghai dragon has a lot of, for example we usually refer to the content link, H tags reasonable use, keywords location, navigation system, web directory, these details if the setting is not appropriate will not only affect the user experience, and can also affect the keywords ranking. A detail problem today and share is URL canonicalization.

URL how to do

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URL standard should pay attention to two aspects, one is the site of the internal links to the home page, to insist on the use of an URL address, whether you use which version is, it has always insisted on the use of. This allows the search engine to know that you want to highlight the key is which. Two is not possible to link to your website URL which others control, should therefore be on the server to all possible home page URL URL do 301 turn, turn to your use of unified specification on the URL page, the weights so as to effectively focus on the external links, key words rankings have some help.

What is the standardization of URL

use a word to describe is the weight on the website, help to improve the keywords ranking. If not for the standardization of the URL, then the search engine will take the initiative to determine which site is the real home, the site also were search engine included, will cause the repetition. In the search engine rankings, will choose one of them to return to the search results, and put the rest in a row by position. These different web site search engine that is repeated, so will spread the effectiveness of external links, also will affect the site keywords ranking.

URL specification

URL canonicalization is a topic in recent years is often mentioned in the Shanghai dragon ER, especially for the noble baby, this phenomenon is more prominent. If the site of the URL process more standardized, it can effectively accumulate on the website weight and keywords ranking is very good. Many owners also know there is such a thing, but do not fully understand the specific how should do. Today and we detail several problems of the URL specification.

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