Simple three easy farewell to write soft no topic trouble

First, according to the Shanghai

does not write the topic, can go to the webmaster nets, love Shanghai Post Bar know, like, see what you can write, sometimes is a moment of inspiration, although a lot of things are being written, but we have our idea view, people’s thinking completely different, write out what is completely different, especially the love of Shanghai know, Soso Ask these places, many people will ask some of the more technical or interesting problems. For example, in the know input: "search engine", there will be a search engine.

we all know a good soft Wen, for the promotion of a website of the role is very large, the quality of soft and high weight of soft Wen release site, not easy to have. Therefore, whether it is to go to the Chinaz or A5 submission, many webmaster friends often asked a question, do not know what topics are well written, all the Group actively seek cudgel thinking, answer, want to write an article to tell those who want to write text, but do not know what to write. Talk about your friends! For a view of it! To write a soft wen I think can from the following three ways to look for our topic:

third, can go to the webmaster nets, love Shanghai know the place for inspiration

! !

the Internet is changing, especially the search engine algorithm, changing every time, only continue to learn, continue to pay attention to knowledge of the Internet, to make himself more ink, and write out the comparison of quality, let others read there is a sense of trust, such as No. 26 in Xiamen a business meeting, we is a very good place to study, listen to the class one day, though a bit tired, but the notes also recorded very much, the harvest is great, wise friends can take those experiences an article, is a very good soft

second, of constant learning, often focus on Internet knowledge

novice can write their own experiences of dragon

so many people think, at A5 Chinaz, the weight of high website submission to write articles are the master, only the master can do. I believe many of these places often around A5, Chinaz friends will have the idea, you want to write an article, very not easy to write the article, but not by law. In fact there is a skill for novice friends! I don’t think the Internet technology to the cudgel thinking because there is limited knowledge, technology, want to write soft text is unlikely. I personally believe that novice friends can write yourself some experience, the story of Shanghai dragon, engage in construction site to share, as long as the conscientious effort to write the article, I believe you will be able to display in front of everyone, and friends for a newcomer to remind, do not have the copy of luck, since it is the editorial staff do this live, eat this meal, even if you copy the one or two sentence, also can not escape the editorial staff of the piercing eye

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