The station optimization for landing page should be how to optimize

1, part META optimization set

advertising language: to users promotion products, some call advertising words, such as "immediate" free consultation order "". These words often can cause the attention of people.

picture content: to reflect the visual impact pictures better, but do not use all pictures, reading, is not conducive to optimization. Graphics and appearance is better than simple pictures and simple text.

navigation page: make a simple navigation, the LOGO must do, brand promotion. Do not like the page navigation that trouble, make a return to the home page links on the line.

put forward the important content: when doing the bidding of the landing page to the attention of the first vision, users came to the website at first glance see the contents tend to decide if he would leave, through the statistical information to most users will look after what, it can attract more users view the content on

quality content: if our website is selling related products, some products, strong contrast content. The content of technical strength.


META is usually known as three aspects: title, keywords, descripition. But META is actually a meta tag ", through the search engine for web search the three part list optimization. Optimization of META should be how to do, usually you can do this: title can add bidding keywords about 3; keywords can add 5-8 descripition key keywords bidding; bidding keywords can be expressed in terms of creative. In addition to the content, do the relevant product information according to the keywords specified by the page. It reached the landing page and the price of unity, but all of this is product based, including bidding keywords and creative.

do the bidding is not optimized for landing page, although this is just a page, but to convey important information, visitors out rate and the conversion rate plays an important role, why will affect important information communication, bounce rate and conversion rate? We have to look at the specific. For landing page is through the auction link visiting this page, a page message must be bidding links creativity is very fit. How to define the importance of information page? Can compare with the creative content of the page. If the creative into the content and ideas of the landing page, will let visitors feel disappointed, may not have to find the desired information. Close the page. This time the click of a waste. At the same time, also increased the page out rate and reduces the conversion rate. How to do the bidding of the landing page optimization? From the following aspects to consider:

online consultation system: >

page content

2, set the

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