Three Shanghai dragon easily forgotten details

is also worth noting that the mobile page need to make web page loading speed diagnosis, improve mobile web page loading speed can also refer to the PC terminal optimization, also need to pay attention to the user reading habits, pay attention to the control page drop-down screen a number of suggestions, general control in 3. Secondly, a lot of time to do a PC and mobile terminal adaptation process, need to pay attention to the mobile terminal content should be adjusted appropriately, especially to control the whole picture size too large, easily lead to the loading speed is too slow.



page load speed


update frequency control

for new sites, many webmaster friends blindly a lot of updates, but the effect is not particularly ideal included. Reconsider and asked: "what’s the matter? The article is to belong to my own original, and the quality can also be". In fact, they ignore the content update frequency. Think about the website home page, column page, page list can carry many details page links, actually not much. Many times the content update frequency is too high, largely caused many details page is not display, which makes it impossible for the spiders from column structure to crawl content links, which lead to the index.

love is either Shanghai or 360 Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon, and other search engine optimization, we must firstly from the user experience. Refer to user experience, we have to consider the web page loading speed. So do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, must first consider the web page loading speed. The diagnosis for the page loading speed, recommends the use of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform tools: page optimization suggestions. Adjusted by the diagnosis of suggestions, mainly to adjust the direction of operation of GZIP, the image compression technology, JS and CSS combined, "the size of technical regulations. In order to improve the speed of the page load.

Shanghai dragon has become one of the mainstream network marketing way, the current domestic search market is mainly love Shanghai, 360, sogou. Have a common point for the three class of Shanghai dragon strategy, follow the most basic common methods of Shanghai dragon. Of course, most of the time "of the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, Shanghai Longfeng effect is not ideal, the reason is often influenced by the Shanghai dragon operation in detail, then, need to pay attention to the details of what Shanghai Longfeng process? We should like how to adjust the

Shanghai, there is a saying: content is king, the chain for the emperor. Thus, the content of importance to Shanghai dragon, it can not be missing. In the strategy, almost all the emphasis on the content of the original people with high quality, another is often overlooked, that is the content of the update frequency. So how to control the content of the update frequency? How much is the key update frequency of


direction: pay attention to controlling the magnitude content update frequency, time control, stages and update the content, while the content of temporary page links to the home page, column >


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