What is the meaning of the website backlinks to increase backlinks

reverse link is actually very easy to understand, if there is a link on the A web page B, then "A link" is a reverse link B. For example: the first section of the last sentence in the "full moon" two words with a link to 贵族宝贝yuanyueboke贵族宝贝, then we call this link is the direct link, then the reverse link on this page of this link is the full moon blog page page.

news and

two, a list of policy

> AI

1, the establishment of a "35 × × ×". This article will often be authoritative and by many references cited in this link to the article.

I believe we are not unfamiliar to the reverse link, no matter in the forum or in the blogosphere, often hear a friend asked, what is the link? Or in the webmaster tools to check a domain analysis of Shanghai Longfeng data, will also have doubts about the chain number, what is the reverse link how to? To increase the number of backlinks? Below by the full moon tell you the reverse link.

know what is the reverse link, then we how to increase the reverse link? We can have the following methods. Let us look at.

2, write a "help you × × × 10". Very easy to get backlinks.

, a comment to get a reverse link

polymerizationIn 1,

3, finishing an article for a list of references for the topic.

1, blog comments, or comment on professional posts, and leave their own name and link.

5, listed in the list of industry experts. If you can make these experts impressive, and the project done seems very authoritative, these experts may thank you and links to you.

2, if you buy a product on the Internet, the product reviews written down, will bring the link. You can also write product recommendation, note: to write credible, if there is a specific situation best.


of course, this is the Shanghai dragon in the argument, in fact the reverse link has more extensive meaning. As the examples above, we can through the code (such as href=) directly to other existing web pages. You can also add some code in the page, the existing page automatically links to this? So the reverse link has a wider view in a "environment".

4, summarize the ten mysteries of a particular industry.

Shanghai dragon of reverse links and that inbound links, external links. But the reverse link generally includes inside and outside the station links.

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