The use of high quality the chain construction method of Shanghai love experience platform

love the experience of Shanghai to submit a link and love Shanghai know that love is very similar to the Shanghai encyclopedia. Pictured above, love the experience of Shanghai link for hypertext links, is to connect with points, and experience related to the content of the page. If it is not related to it is not through the. We can also add the link >

love love Shanghai Shanghai experience is just a platform to share the experience of the near future, we can share some of their life, study and work experience on this platform, of course, love can also take Shanghai experience with links, it is very important to us Shanghai dragon er. Bring your own links can not only increase the weight of the website, and can be very good to improve the flow of the site. Love the experience of Shanghai has just launched soon, but the audit is relatively strict, bullshit, here to share some tips on how I love the experience of Shanghai price.

3: experience content editor

1: read the love experience of Shanghai

think we A5 submission, we must first read the A5 submission rules, and according to the writing rules. Love is like the experience of Shanghai. If we had not read the rules, we publish information and easy to be deleted or serious if you ID will be blocked. We only follow the rule in order to make the high quality the love experience of Shanghai.

I summed up the experience, the most important content is not only the text should be clear, the picture is very important. This is the key to the. Specific as shown above. As for the content of another point is to be easy to understand, clear regulations, since love Shanghai experience is an experience sharing platform, so the content will focus more on the user experience, if the content you have organized content using some professional terms, then how the user can understand, users cannot read any more the purpose of sharing experience.

4: link technique

as everyone knows, love always go to Shanghai search elbow in turn, very concerned about the Shanghai love their own products. Therefore, love Shanghai, love Shanghai such as Wikipedia, know love Shanghai, love Shanghai arts, love Shanghai Post Bar platform to become the construction of the Chinese and foreign chain website promotion the webmaster. On these platforms, the chain is not only high weight, ranking good, but also to enhance the flow is.

love Shanghai experience is a shared test platform, we published in experience, the title is very important, we can directly use the title of our long tail keywords, with rhetorical questions. For example, I recently Ningbo decoration net site, we have a long tail keywords: "choose decorative door". Then I took the title: "the long tail keywords used to teach you how to choose the decoration door".




2: create experience Title skills

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