URL reasonable design will make your site more conducive to Shanghai Dragon

3, after the revision of the enterprise in order to convenient: the corporate website is revised, then from the order > Products

, a site navigation URL complete


2, in order to users, the convenience of the reader: a lot of users when reading can not be so direct, for convenience, URL is an example, you may know a network query data is for high-end crowd, the other one is for those who became interested in the network, then the breadcrumb navigation and the first URL products for those who read English provides a convenient, a look at the site so we know what we are doing, on the other hand, breadcrumb navigation for beginners convenient to enter the next step and the next step to return to humanity.

1, how to realize the URL navigation related: in the design of the site at the beginning of Foshan Qingfeng website construction team and customer will determine the template, especially the main program to be implemented, such as enterprise site products, contact us, then we will use to do column navigation /product/ /contact/ English way or use the pinyin to name, but from the overall design, in order to facilitate enterprises to do foreign trade, we mostly use English navigation url.

3, a list of products in order to achieve the design of URL: a list of products we will use the number order form for you, we all know that if the boss from the brothers certainly is 1, then the number of order product we will provide you with product design of three categories, which are used, product1.html lined.

2, column navigation completely: if there is a large product classification, so also in the form of the two level classification show, Foshan Qingfeng website construction team will show you the main products in the website home page with two levels of classification, fully make main products for your first time in front of the user for example, you do the generator, generators and the classification of the form design of /Generator/ /Generators/ for you.

two, why design to achieve URL precision

website design details to achieve optimization if the function is very important, from the domain name of the website design website URL to choose whether you are after the website is conducive to optimizing the construction site, Foshan Qingfeng team early in the design of the site has been maintained for the customer to continue the principle of optimal design for the customer site, so the site how to design the URL

1, in order to search engine crawling convenient: first category classification first realizes successive breadcrumb navigation format, to facilitate the search engine grab and included, as you may know, we make the website page only let the search engines crawl and then will be included in the website, so in the early stages of the design, must the first step, to achieve optimization of search engine crawling.

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