Why is the search results page instead of the content page

1: the user cannot find the result of

because there is no construction related pages within the pages of external links, basically no weight, resulting in the emergence of home page keyword search case.


For example:

also found, so are most of the long tail word I search page, URL station, long tail word does not appear but the home page, the search results is not on the website disadvantage? The answer is yes, we can at least know has the following drawbacks:

2: the weight of the inside pages of low

1: pay attention to the diversification of

solution to this problem:

when customers open the link that is not the content of their needs, will close the page, and this will lead to a consequence of the following.

talked about the search as we all know, the long tail word has been a major source of many of the site traffic, a popular long tail word brought to the site traffic is very considerable, when the site can do a lot of popular long tail word ranking, this website is more valuable, but sometimes when we find search for long term, our websites have good rankings, but the search results is not the long tail word content page, but the page? This question is worth us thinking deeply.

like this can bring many adverse consequences to the site, so there is reason for this problem can be found? I generally analyzed, should follow the following some operation behavior.

1: the construction of the external links all point to the home page of

3: poor user experience

when I was in a long tail word "search on the site of the Hunan XX cable company, according to the normal sense, should appear is the page of the URL, but unfortunately, we look at the web site home page, just home with the related long tail word, please look.

external links Figure

: the search for relevant keywords out of the home page

I am in the process of building external links in both the anchor and chain. All point to the home page, this will cause all the weight on the home page, the search results lead to such a situation.

a large number of customers into the search results page found after being cheated off ", causes the site jump out rate is high, PV is low, so the data for the website is very bad, a good website will only retain customers, allow customers to access deeper, and not a lot out.

2: out of high rate


it is also about the user experience? But the user experience is one of the indicators of the search engine is most concerned about.

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