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site is welcomed by the users, can stay and analyze the bounce rate from the website users, jump out rate is very high, so it can be concluded that this website is done poorly, not worth the user to see what the quality of the content; but not all is so, let a user into a not interested the website, must jump out rate is very high, because they have no interest in the content of the website, this is the so-called edge flow. The edge flow refers to the user access to the site is not according to their own ideas into, but through some other means to guide it, mainly divided into the following several types according to the professional website construction in Shanghai attracting network experience, but also we often do:

in the Forum blog on these sites, the use of some form of temptation links cheating people to click links to your site, behind a lot of temptation in the form of paper, leaving a want to see more, please click 贵族宝贝ys.***贵族宝贝/, actually open and found a need to optimize your website, then browse website users will disappointed, will leave after closing the site.

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third, website user experience

site traffic is always the pursuit of the webmaster, because a website wants to make money, cannot do without the support of a certain flow, no matter what the site, under certain conditions, the more traffic is more beneficial to increase the flow of the website, in addition to using the method of Shanghai dragon, you can also use some other means of promotion. But with the change of the search engine algorithm constantly, each data sites are likely to directly affect the keywords ranking.

First, the use of propaganda way to obtain The


Web Design Co CE network analysis and observation of many of my friends think more about the website click website more good, so in the QQ group, YY group and other chat platform to ask for help on these clicks may be disposable, open the web site after the busy other things to go, no further browse close the page, the bounce rate which will affect the user greatly, jump out of the high rate of website to get good rankings is not simple, at least in the station optimization of this piece is behind the others, the Shanghai Association of policy network science and technology limited company Zhang think a site if the bounce rate is more than 60% well analysis. Station layout, structure, the quality of the content, whether it can be further perfected.

through this form in some popular sites may get a lot of traffic, but the traffic quality is very poor, it is harmful for the website promotion; this form is a good method, but we use is not appropriate, should the needle on the correlation to the needs of the user guide so, the user enters the site will not have a feeling cheated.

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