How much do you know about the most basic Shanghai Dragon

has a lot of people ask me questions, for example, "words in general how many times can appear in the article, or keyword density is how to plan?" the most basic problem, I think it is unbelievable, we have to think, now the webmaster is really understand the basic establishment of law, or that is the real good optimization basis? In other words, a few stationmaster now known as optimization in the company, known as the so-called "technical personnel" (Ps: is the first to correct, for the optimization of personnel, do good technical staff, really no pun intended). They just know the results of handling the labor of others, then simply replace the link to their own things, may feel very glorious, or to make some easy to do the chain of garbage Let the search engine, overwhelmed, for such people, I believe that most are excluded (Ps: I said so much, in fact, is really think we can build a harmonious environment for the search engine. ).

then I go on to the next what I think is the most basic but essential things.

simply said a commonplace talk of an old scholar. "

Keywords Keywords URL

, a web site structure

actually, I see the webmaster online a lot about this exposition, in general, is the team, but there are still many problems in this forum webmaster mentioned above, also do not say this, that I think the core. First of all, for the RUL structure of your site must be careful consideration, the RUL structure represents your link is love Shanghai that is reasonable or not (the person or thing Ps: is actually a friendly or unfriendly attitude, such as reality, love everyone, handsome. ), this is extremely important, in the URL structure, we must pay attention to, to minimize the use of belt? Or some other strange symbols, of course, the shorter the better. Instead of using a copyright title – the best advice is to use popular writing or some accepted letters obvious tendency, of course I just personal advice.

meta tags

three, the location and density of

mate is a meta tag structure when the need to fill in the station, this one link is extremely important, it also represents the future direction of development of your website, try to write on the website can give you specific label, label for your specific direction has a general direction, the label is certainly contains keywords you need to build, for different types of Web site, we need to figure out the specific label different, otherwise will backfire. This can improve the search engine spider robot to your site coverage. And by this way to tell you the outstanding website theme effectively, further increase the good search engine for our website. I suggest to make every page has a label.

two, mate

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