Four things do not need daily attention of Shanghai Dragon

2, flow: Shanghai dragon will generally pay more attention to traffic, always expect one day a sudden increase in site traffic. Site traffic statistics statistics commonly used for 51 and a baby Analytics. Look at the traffic every day is a good habit for the novice. Because the flow can help you analyze what kind of promotion is more effective, so as to help you gain experience in website promotion. But for the non novice Shanghai dragon Er, every day to see the site traffic is not a good habit. With the increase of the number of sites for you, every day to see the flow of waste of time will be more and more. And traffic data is for long-term site analysis, rather than short-term. You should analyze traffic data from pay attention to important points, and should not be limited to one day or a certain time point of the flow. So, do Shanghai dragon should not be second things every day is the focus of the flow. Flow around a week at a time, once a month to do the analysis can be the best with the previous few months compared to flow.

ranking: maybe you have a habit, every morning is just sit down and open the computer, look at your web site keywords ranking has not changed. Shanghai Longfeng the greatest pleasure is to see your optimization keywords a bit. This is why many people love to do the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng uncertainty is like gambling attraction for gamblers like. This point is more serious in the novice. Some people may not see the ranking every morning, but sitting before a computer. Just look at rankings, continuous work an hour to see the ranking. A lot of time is wasted in the search rankings. So, today’s first Shanghai dragon should not be concerned with every day is ranked. This ranking is something for Shanghai dragon PR for the site, have very important role, is more like a facade, to show off. A keyword up, website traffic is not necessarily. Site traffic promotion, should be in accordance with the 2:8 theory, pay more attention to the site of the long tail traffic. And ranked in the short term will not change much, so, not every day to see ranking, ranking the frequency of about once a week.


Shanghai dragon for a long time, you will find that every day to do many things, is very complex, very confused. You basically do not have the whole time to concentrate on the things you want to do. Because there are a lot of things, not in every hour and moment affects your heart, wasting your time. So, today to say what Shanghai dragon should not be concerned with every day.

3, trans: do Shanghai dragon must care for their own website backlinks, especially when you think to write a high quality articles, always love to see how many people have reproduced, reproduced to their reverse link. So, often use anti chain tools to check your web trans, or often log nobility baby administrator tools, see the web site the chain is increased. Concerned about the chain than the relationship between ranking and traffic more useless, because no matter how you care about trans, trans number you will not increase.

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