How to do the site within the chain

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article pages much more appropriate. Good inside chain can not only transfer the weight, but also according to the needs of users to improve the bounce rate of the page, to enhance the user experience. In the article, when it comes to other related events or terminology, give the related articles to add link interspersed in the article, in the search engine, is a very recognizable way.

. Many webmaster to force the chain, of course, the chain site is well done, have a very high weight. But in addition to the chain, in the role of the chain is not to be ignored. If you have been ignored in the chain, maybe you will encounter such a situation: one day the content of the website included less; SITE is not in the first snapshot; stagnation; page has no home page ranking and so on. This is all in the chain may cause the results not ready.

do the chain, guide the spider crawling

appropriate to add other articles link

The inner chain

proposed by Guo Hanyu, please indicate the htt>

A good website optimization The recommended The

transfer weight, not overdo sth.


this is a chain of benefits, either manual or automatic, in the content side of or below the recommended articles for users and search engines, is a very good set. A good recommendation, allowing users to browse their website unlimited levels. Users love the site, search engines also love this site.

website is like tree, with the content of the website is more and more abundant, the terminal side too much. If there is no good guide to the spider, it will make a lot of the article page spider not touch but not included. Especially for the weight is not high site, when observing logs will find that the spiders are in shallow crawl. The correct approach should be in the chain with the number of websites in parallel with website becomes large, site within the chain is more. Like a spider web, then increase the layer to layer the link to. So as to ensure that the spiders in the grab web content smoothly.

is now the most webmaster know in the role of the chain. So, in the update of each article, will join the home page keywords, and then back to the home page chain. This is to transfer home key weight is very good. However, too much to do, will be easy to reach the bottom line of love Shanghai. If the content of a website is to the home page keyword ranking. And then this website is undoubtedly a failure. A truly healthy website, ranking in addition to the home page, other pages should have a long tail ranking. So when do within the chain should not abuse, when the addition of appropriate join, not only is the home page, column page should also be considered. Repeat the link, just add a line. For the background automatically adding links, not recommended. In order to improve the ranking purely for the purpose of skills, always eat slowly to catch.

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