Montana share Shanghai dragon station optimization eight elements advanced version

, the landing page content to solve the problem and not just a description of the problem

four, avoid all kinds of elements of

conventional implantation (> old burst

driven users off the page

many users open the web site will produce a good first impression, copycat, good wood louse is not what we want, not professional results. Page design need to have UI & UX investment and reputation to its own brand endorsement, otherwise the user is difficult to produce on the website of the sense of trust and participation. The actual landing approach is a good reference site industry imitation, buy a paid version of the website template or allowing users to participate in the design of each link.



three is a sense of trust, to enhance the sense of participation of UI, UX and

pieces of information era and no one is willing to give you the opportunity to wait, so open website loading speed is more important than any optimization point. The opening time is shorter, the higher the customer satisfaction. The search engine is the same reason. So to consider the optimization speed which can be done, such as CDN, remove unused code, server broadband upgrade, cache, page weight, pure static page optimization action.

some pop, fixed windows, advertising will allow users to browse the entire process to give up resentment. This is the optimization process to avoid and remove the part, consider more native way into these elements or reward users complete the process. At the same time, avoid spiders banned or catch is caught and thus the possibility to search engine drop right in the use of code.


if someone asks what is the essence of you love Shanghai natural optimization? I hope the answer is no longer a "crazy hair chain". Today, Shanghai is no longer love 5 years ago love Shanghai, a large number of update algorithm have higher requirements for search engine optimization thinking and methods. However, love Shanghai more love systematic user experience optimization bias, the station optimization is not only to take the world by some keywords and TITLE times. In the digital marketing director, consulting founder, handsome burst road school teacher summed up the 8 core elements and the thinking trend, hope for the novice to change the thinking and Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon help.

, for example, some people search "married what to wear", the best page content to have several aspects: [20 to let the male guests handsome wedding [recommended] and select collocation collocation purchase information]. Because behind the search word users guess that he was going to attend a wedding, so the ultimate to solve his problem is where to buy clothes, rather than let him learn how to dress collocation. Therefore, the optimization of the key words, we should solve the contents of his final demand, such as drainage and conversion effect will be better.

five, implantation of

two important things, say three times "loading speed, speed, speed


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