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1, each product has a unique URL. Any business systems are complex, different URL, link the same page. This situation often exists. As shown below, is three different URL links the same pages.

, NH to analyze the website home page and column page (贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20150508/597687.shtml) website (贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20150509/597731.shtml) optimization, today continue to share with you today to share my girl, the content is to optimize the website product page, the following main points:

4, rich text. Mentioned in the comments, search engines can be referenced as products in the search engine of Fuwen information. If the product pages indexed by search engines, love Shanghai in the search engine results page can display three lines of description. Thus, the rich text is worthy of us to do attentively.


URL, with a relatively short URL initial visit this product; second URL, from a category page navigation access this product; third URL, access through the two layer classification navigation before entering the detailed product page. Then, in order to ensure the search engine to submit the same page, you need to link the same content of two URL were standardized. This is to remind the search engine duplicate content, and tell it which location is the home page content links. The specific method is: "in the head, the code shown below with the content.

In front of

(2), ALT text, alt attribute optimization

(5), in the site map (sitemap).

 The first 3, 5, optimize the picture

(3), image size should not exceed 75KB, smaller

(4), keyword placement should be reasonable, do not have too much of the phenomenon exists.

(1), pictures of the URL should be clean and concise.


2, each product has a unique description. Because the supplier will provide a description of the product, if the direct adoption of the description provided by the content, it may be the product of other customers with the supplier’s description of the same. Here, suggestions on the product description re write to become the one and only content, competitive, and friendly to the search engine.

. Optimization of the images, just need to do the following points can be

display customer reviews. The search engine will search for web pages on different signal weights, through user reviews for rating the product, is a kind of the page weight sorting method.

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