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third, the advertising price low. The shlf1314 AdSense data Chinese own website, other friends to get data so.

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wangzhi520/ station,

I had a careful analysis since April shlf1314 AdSense’s performance, people are not satisfied with the results.



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fine Ke Xing: 265 and we should be competitive, they do more widely, we have done more specifically.

I first want to say is what kind of a 500 strong, indeed we can not find a website just flow standard, Alexa is indeed a fair comparison, it is not the most authoritative also dare not say, but at least it does not have any relationship inside.

, Qin made a clear statement just now, but I don’t know why today’s topic is called "Alexa500". Is it true that all the top 500 companies are financing? I don’t know why it into the top 500.

summarized above, shlf1314 AdSense’s recent performance is not ideal, and is closely associated with the domestic exit shlf1314 search. Now sh419 alliance audit relatively relaxed, also believe that sh419 for shlf1314 AdSense to make adjustments.

held on the evening of May 15th, the theme of "enter the Alexa 500, to explore cutting-edge network marketing strategy of the second phase of entrepreneur hero, Mary billion online president fine Ke Xing published" how to achieve the best effect of marketing through the network marketing Alliance?" For the keynote speech, here are the details.

shlf1314 search exit home, shlf1314 this move for shlf1314 AdSense development in the country is very bad. First of all, the advertiser confidence in the shlf1314 fell this is a very important point. This led to the shlf1314 AdSense advertising volume on the decline.

is purely personal point of view

April 14th, soso search platform director Li Jing said: do not rule out the Tencent involved in network alliance, this to the webmaster is a good thing. But for shlf1314 AdSense that is a more powerful challenge for the future development of shlf1314 AdSense, we will wait and see.

second, K station is relatively more. I have a friend, hard to do a small station, IP500, regular standing, results shlf1314 AdSense account or in a few days before the K. Also, in many webmaster group, advertising street, even the A5 forum has a lot of grassroots Adsense mentioned in his shlf1314 AdSense account was K, and even some large. Using cnzz statistics can now look at April 18th, found the cnzz statistics shlf1314 AdSense was K. Figure:

first, the number of ads less. Now we careful observation, you should know your site on shlf1314 AdSense recently all show the promotion of shlf1314 AdWords. Figure:

Location: click on the site’s own CNZZ statistics, statistics on the pop-up page below you can see

I just turned to see who is 500, is 549500. More than 400 of the BBchina. I am here to estimate that most of them are outside the "500 strong". I looked at them. More than 265 of them are here, right? 200? Before it was deleted, more than 200, shlf1314 is more than 300, of course, they are financing. We look at the situation in the top 500, the first point is no doubt that a business model, not all sites are expected to enter the 500 strong. As Hong Bo said, I will call, I do not need to visit, his business model is not required, you do 500 strong?

second, also is the 500 strong website, its value is different, this difference is very big. We look at the China MSN, Inc., BBchina is the most garbage, so it is certainly the lowest value network. MSN Chinese brands have a low image, but the annual income is not low. It is to do IP, there are some garbage flows, but overall in IT its website income is also good, at least tens of millions, hundreds of millions can I still don’t know. So, I think the business model determines whether you want to do 500 strong, make 500 strong value of the size of what? This value is related to the value of the user. I believe that the evaluation value of the Internet has different evaluation methods, and the value of the same traffic is different. We do network marketing, we should often evaluate the marketing value of the site, how we want to see its users, now stressed the influence, influence, and later to the value of power, and then look at the consumption force. Because we have seen a lot of Web site traffic is very small, but it is worth a lot of IP, such as Alibaba listed on a lot of value, basically, he is a click from 80 to more than 100. For example, like sh419, probably search at a few cents or so, so they are very different. The same is the 500 strong, their value is very different. The top 500 Internet and traditional enterprise 50>

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