Discussion a UEO is the Shanghai Dragon

look at building ten years ago, still open and successful website, whether it is any type of user experience above they are doing very well, such as "A5, CHINAZ" and so on the types of sites are from at the beginning of the site is very care about the user experience. If a network >

but there are also some flow station, such as a novel station, movie station, QQ signature station needs to flow, but also has a large number of long tail word is zero, almost can be said in the competition. If you do not do so and how are you going to Shanghai dragon promotion website post?? QQ? Marketing? NO! Without any kind of promotion methods as Shanghai dragon.

why I say Shanghai dragon is never out of date? Search engine needs a large number of sites to search results appear in his natural position is the search engine to the webmaster to continuously improve the website, and then give some rankings. With the development of the technology of search engine, make some grey hat and black hat is more difficult to develop, this is the legendary Shanghai dragon out of date. Timeless is always Shanghai dragon white hat technology, that is the Shanghai dragon real technology. The grey hat and black hat Shanghai dragon, I can only use a word to describe the "do not die, don’t die!"

, why Shanghai dragon is never out of date

recently in various Adsense blog, A5, CHINAZ in the above argument Shanghai dragon is not already obsolete, Shanghai dragon has been useless, this kind of personnel I can only use the extreme to describe.

read an article "Shanghai dragon has been turned to UEO" says now search engine is based on UEO today in A5 station network, the natural ranking is to rely on love Shanghai to operate their own, do not have fairness. I just think this kind of person of Shanghai dragon only too extreme. First, if you love Shanghai keywords are manual operation, you need to work and personnel much? Two, UEO search engine from the beginning of establishment. Three, a separate UEO and Shanghai dragon when the foolish idea.

people say Shanghai Longfeng unfair, give money to do the bidding will have good rankings, bidding and Shanghai dragon is different, this is not the Shanghai dragon! Shanghai dragon is the natural ranking, bidding advertising. People naturally spend money should enjoy the benefits, but also pay the cost of money. For example: you buy a bike, to see someone driving a Ferrari, run to ask why your car manufacturers have no people comfortable.

Of course, there are a group of

two, why the UEO search engine from the beginning of establishment of

I admit that for some enterprises and local station station of Shanghai Longfeng effect is not too good, enterprise itself is not what information, mainly rely on brand word to bring traffic and conversion rate, but because the local station index not even ranked first to love Shanghai traffic is not over dozens of. For this kind of website if only rely on the Shanghai dragon bring traffic and users, it is doomed to failure.

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