Exploring the site included articles and VS small and fine

more than the whole, most of the time, we are adding articles for small type of Web site, sometimes see sites that dress collocation, in order to improve their content, such as a large number of beautiful collection network, Ruili network etc. the women’s website, and in general, this acquisition would increase the content of the website. The number of them, within a short period of time can also make the included direct number up, but, if such female comparison of the original collocation sites by friends gathering more and more, then your website content on the Internet will be flooded with more replication information, such content, more, is of great significance to search for? When is big and complete, do not content acquisition, because you cannot guarantee that you have collected the contents of the publicity right, mining The final set will make your site become a dust on the internet.



acquisition, we often encounter is when we site your domain, you >

exploration site, have recently been concerned about how well the problems included the site itself, because, in our observation of the site, there are always some sites included a lot of, then the ranking is very good, but some web sites included too much, but the rankings are not ideal, many people do not understand what this is why, included in the website of competition, we are concerned is that included, but, if you look carefully, you will find that there are some small and fine collected will let us get more inspiration.

is the site of those big advantage, their advantage is how to maximize the content to distinguish a fast and comprehensive and uniform, has become a can pass out of the right key, a variety of Elliot advantage which is the industry website that large and complete have, on the whole, the industry website is very large and has the advantage, after all so many categories together, become a part of interrelated, this point, some small site is far behind, however, not all sites are industry website with the prospect of richly endowed by nature, many of my friends are still trying to adhere to their own small website, want to include to do more, but also may encounter the following problems.

and it is not more advantage, sometimes a disadvantage of

sometimes wonder why some big website can do, what is the advantage to let them get high weight, many times will always be that is included in it. At the millions of pages, not by the difference, it is entirely within the chain, the weight is not moving so, we have underestimated, hear this word, large sites on their own, small sites on the outside, one is their own content, a link is elsewhere, the difference between the two is to let more people feel the difference.

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