Analysis and Countermeasures of the phenomenon of holiday website

New Year approaching, the search engine will not have to spend the new year? Why do you say, take my Q9Q8 coupon network (www.q9q8贵族宝贝), recently discovered a strange phenomenon: before adding information can be included and now can seckill, constantly adding material is not included. Through the query server log, the spider crawling love Shanghai every day, is not included in the content, but the website traffic plummeted, and made people confused and disoriented, at a loss.

solution: the early site must clearly identify the website issued direction, do not require large and small owners, after all no ability, energy, capital and talent to operate, we will use our expertise in a very small area to work, often you build more precise direction, more likely to succeed. Once the web content positioning, not to cannot but when must not easily change.

four, remember not to cheat. We must understand why love Shanghai it is less and less, such as the accumulation of key words, hidden text and so on these cheating, but some owners love to search relevant keywords are put in, even if love Shanghai Pastebin. "

Three, avoid frequent revision

solution: go to some stations collect some information, modify title, content, paragraph, add some of their own elements, at least a little like no other place. The only way to do more pseudo original, included, the flow will rise slowly.

due to flow down, many forums are discussing is not the holidays the cause of the problem, we also can make nothing of it, only through the following aspects: to make up for

. Early site website content is already positioning, with the passage of time, often refer to the website of others, will produce fatigue, the old don’t feel good, it constantly updates the page template, so the results are often will be punished by a search engine, website drop right or K stand often.

two, increase the chain strength. A website without some external links, then the search engine on the web page included attention will be reduced, less and less. Of course, we cannot link spamming, especially garbage chain rather, pay special attention to check your page links, if there is a link to the blocked sites, then the search engine that is an accomplice, their website would have been down right until the K station is dangerous.

, a website to add fresh content. If a website content is collected, do not underestimate the search engine spiders that included all of you, is busy later for nothing, no information will be discarded, search engine.

solution: regularly check the site external links, regularly add some quality links, if there is a link to have blocked sites must be removed as soon as possible.


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