Google chief engineer Katz criticism will spur Google forward

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as a chief engineer of Google, Katz’s job is to fight spam". Many websites want to improve in Google search rankings by this way. Katz began to fight spam since 2001, in 2004 became the head of Google search quality. He has written a tool called SafeSearch, which is the first adult content filter Google, can block pornographic spam, prevent Google users to click on porn sites.

Matt · Katz appeared at the SXSW Conference on science and technology, and it tells of the world’s largest search engine internal work site, All seats are occupied. Hundreds of network management and search industry gathered in the great hotel ballroom, listen to his every word.


, the Kentucky people are very courteous and accessible, but the network geeks, but he has a rock star treatment, because of this, he often met with webmasters on behalf of Google. Because Microsoft will be accused of "plagiarism" Google search results, he last winter once again become the focus of the media. Microsoft denies plagiarism, but did admit that part of the search results using Google as a filter factor.

the "San Jose messenger" online edition on Friday said the author, in the Google search for quality Matt · Katz (Matt Cutts), the user criticized but is a good thing for Google search, because it can spur Google to further improve the quality of the search, so as to enhance the user experience.


in March this year, under the leadership of Katz, Google adjusted the search algorithm, to punish the "content farms" (Content Farm). This kind of website exclusively through low quality content to attract traffic and advertising revenue from search. Critics say the massive cover up content farms high quality sites, resulting in decline in the quality of Google search.

Google search quality director Matt · Katz (Matt Cutts)

The following is a summary of the interview:


asked: to Google’s standards, the new algorithm shows how to

search has recently become the focus of media attention, how does that make you feel

The following is the full text:

: I think it is important to search. Sometimes, people on Google too habit, even forgot to return high-quality search results to be the underlying technology very complex. So, on the one hand, we try to improve, in order to avoid user criticism. But if people really criticize us, but is a good thing, because it means that they care about Google, but also to tell us how to improve. We must establish a channel to obtain feedback, so as to improve and enhance the quality of search. So, we really appreciate over the past few months have been concerned, because it will ultimately benefit all users.

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