Fish a comprehensive analysis of Shanghai ranked love why suddenly disappeared

love in Shanghai. Can also be wrong, this is not the last to be dark, ha ha. Love Shanghai many times because of their mistakes, mistakes and errors will cause the snapshot ranking, these are normal, you also don’t worry, in general love Shanghai small update or big update after the ranking will be back.


website is one of the most serious problems caused the decline of the old station. A good website may be the original ranking because of webmaster website template a change caused by ranking decreased rapidly, but because it is the old station, as long as we persist in less than a month, ranking can come back.


website How many

1: Web server speed


3: buy links


do stand buddy at home have to rely on the love of Shanghai "to eat", every day to stare at own keywords ranking, lest it suddenly fell. Even so, occasionally still love Shanghai and we worked hard to do stand of the personal webmaster open a little joke, let you place the original keyword suddenly disappear. What love Shanghai why are you doing this, today’s fish talk on this phenomenon, some of the views and opinions, hope this is helpful to you!

website content

well, due to the time, today we will first analyze here, remember, Shanghai dragon.

is an entirely original, even false original not the website is absolutely not a search engine like, generally this is considered garbage station, railway station, just on the line when the love of Shanghai may also because it is the cause of the new give you good rankings, but definitely not long.

for the love of Shanghai, a high quality website open speed is very important, if your server access is too slow or often unable to access, in the love of Shanghai spiders to crawl your site will mistakenly think that your site has been hanging out, this ranking can be reduced.


has a number of search engines in the crackdown buy links, especially Google, I love Shanghai because of the no exception. I advise those who buy high weight links for short-term ranking friends here, the chain or to buy good, after all, not a permanent solution of

do stand friends all know, love Shanghai for the new station will often have a study, which is a process for many new sites are killed in the cradle. In fact, the original keyword ranking suddenly disappear and this is relevant, if you didn’t cheat, that day as long as adhere to the update and the chain, the ranking is soon coming back, but according to my experience, often come back sooner than the previous Ranking Ranking is better, ha ha! > 2: love Shanghai reasons

1: new study period is over

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