From the Google Memorial zipper inventor Google Shanghai Dragon

the next question is how to write these articles, get good rankings?

The weight of

2. of this website is not very high, the weight is 3, but the content is original, this is very important. (as for the structure and layout of the site, you will have experience or understand the code of webmaster can look at


1. cnBeta is ranked first, this website ranked second, is a comprehensive information website, we all know that cnBeta is a high weight and high quality of the original information platform of IT, so I guess the update frequency influence is one of the factors (the frequency of updates faster, similar news website, so Google crawler climbed to collected after fast), so again give a webmaster must be timely and regular update site.

3. for the original article shows, this architecture is rigorous, there are Chinese, video, then English (refer to Wikipedia), these are the embodiment of the human nature, don’t see some names to Google, Shanghai to check what the meaning of love. (original user experience is very important, is not comprehensive and thoughtful).



Since the Google

April 24, 2012, Google Memorial zipper inventor Deang · Ji Xun; Baecque. I use the IP to open the Chinese nobility baby贵族宝贝 can see big zipper, and then try the noble,贵族宝贝.au and royal nobility baby baby.De these search engines are home zipper. With the United States IP address to open the above local Google search engine, the result is the same. But the use of VPN over the wall, open the noble baby贵族宝贝 was not found in the center of the screen is the zipper, Google and the same as usual. This shows that if Google to write some articles of XXX inventor, for Google to promote the localization of the website ranking, popularity and flow is very helpful.

update algorithm, the difficulty of the work of Shanghai dragon like a veil to see a young woman like, let the inner increase a webmaster excitement, a bit restless, but the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is how to see the young girl look, and use as their own, the process requires patience and continuous try. Today I share with you through the Google Memorial zipper inventor, Google Shanghai dragon. I hope to be able to help you master.

4. was released earlier (found a new phenomenon, especially Google, to seize the opportunity, seize every opportunity, seize the opportunity to find a breakthrough, thrusting Google cool, he is really cool).

through the use of different search engines, unzipped, found a local website Chinese in different search engine ranking very front (second and third), this article has the following characteristics:

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