Are you sure you are a qualified Shanghai dragon er

today the topic thought for a long time, I finally decided to write, I want to know if I launch the bullets today you can hit a few times, hey, as long as you go to learn about it, so that in any one who made the following rounds you are not worthy of the name as a qualified Shanghai dragon er or that you can only be regarded as a network editor? Or the Commissioner of the chain? Or any one you are not, you are just a type of people who will go online.

three. Some common things to ask to ask

two. Complaining that the website ranking fluctuations


a website. Just on the line began to worry the problems included

I Post Bar shopping every day, go to the forum, all around, every year around, but almost always able to see people complaining about " in these places posting; my website ranking no! " my website snapshot back! " my site keywords off! "… My God. Oh, really can not stand, this problem every day to ask really not much meaning, I estimate that people posting just hold a chance to let others help him on his website exactly why this is the case, I think they even than your technology, than you know Shanghai dragon. Do they still than you more familiar with your own website? This ranking is nothing more than the fluctuation problem of several chain fluctuations, the title was changed, the website structure change, love Shanghai cramp, the server is not stable, or excessive optimization is cheating, site The site was linked to horse, poor user experience (even line up, will be behind the problem of user experience was again under the brush)… It is not… Etc., their Baidu look, look at your site in the end in which a point.

" God oh help me see why my website on-line a month not included? " this problem, every day, I believe that no one will say against me. Let me sigh: my God, the website has just launched a month not included how those, on-line a few months not included, to the end is not the same as being included, you ask this question shows that you have no patience, then talk about what is called a qualified Shanghai dragon er? I think, have time to ask this question, but also should to help users to update some articles, I love Shanghai not included because of the website and you have any grudges against it! (the premise is your site can be captured. ) as a qualified Shanghai dragon er you should be patient to know any successful Shanghai dragon Er are acquired by the accumulated slowly, is to rely on practice, there can be a result of the anxious.

human nature will bring luck, or that they often want to hear one they want to hear the answer, although they already know that this is impossible, but they still unremittingly where questions. In this industry is like the Shanghai dragon >

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