Do Wangzhuan must see 5W and 1H theoremNew sites please be careful with alimama advertising


has been busy with new projects recently. I’m so tired that I’m not very well now,


alimama ad I chose a long time to sell advertising, put up the code, display the picture to be false "and the like, this shows no advertisers to buy, this is normal, after all, is a new station, traffic is very small, I think so. Can not think after ten minutes, all shows what good stock software stocks advertising and perfume advertising, also feel very happy, and then landing Ali mother back view transaction management found no data, no see income, while on the shlf1314 Advertising, has been a good few knife income. During this period, I put several more alimama ads, the result is the same.

What time

Where what? do Wangzhuan is of course on the Internet, but in what place do, where propaganda? Where is the achievement? Where is more suitable for your site location which you should consider


said that do not know if you see? A word: know what you have to do the project, see why do to earn money, how you can look at to what extent, think you’re doing right? But also have a detailed plan.

How? what do you want to do? When do you have goals? How do you achieve your goals? That’s what you need to consider.


I went back to the back office for 0.16 yuan. I don’t know what’s going on here. Why did I send mail to the customer service, there will be income, and how to check before there is no?. After a week, the income has not moved, and shlf1314 has been growing.

!What about

What what what are you going to do? what do you know about the project? How much did you know?

thank you very much for your support of Ali’s mother,

Why why? Why do you do that? Why do you make money? You have to think about whether it’s reasonable, sensible, legal

later I gave alimama’s customer service message to explain the situation. Second days, alimama gave me a reply, very timely. The contents are as follows:

Hello, Ali, mom, customer service Hulu, I am happy to serve you!

recently made a website www.xianrenba, on-line a few days later was shlf1314, sh419 included, mention is not shlf1314 every day included, in the heart pretty. In order to make the website more mature and beautiful, add some shlf1314 and alimama pictures advertising, do not expect it to make money, just want to site beautiful.

but how to do it? Here I simply say to you, that is, in marketing, often said, in the program, often use


if you can do this, whether Wangzhuan or in their own life on the road will let you become a successful


Who who will do? to test this project who will do! If you do, how much can be done, you can do more good, sometimes not suitable for Wangzhuan have to watch others

now I open my website, see alimama ad, I fire, see all unhappy.


help you verify your site by the Ali Mama audit, can sell advertising to earn income, but your advertising is not advertising purchase, so not to view the transaction in the transaction management. Because of your site not long time selling advertising, Ali mother push to click on ads on your website, your current account has been on specific income, you can log in my mom — the main site to view the income account.

today for the new project busy a day of the website, what specific web site will not say, everyone will joke, all friends have a dream, just want to earn the first pot of gold through the network.

When? when you do Wangzhuan also look to do, what earlier do messages are to earn money, for what to do now! The environment for what to do? What time do how to arrange your time are learned, if not arranged. Your work will have no effect, there is no efficiency.

what is 5W,

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