2013BAT five and 2014 hard entrepreneurial opportunitiesnternet start ups surging after the Spring

March will be the climax of a large number of recruitment, startups are eager for a fight, at high to unimaginable salary to dig." Ella Bao said, "in the field of Internet, most of the projects are investors, and many products are needed to develop and market a set of jobs to bring products to market, so once the enterprises lack of the talents, will not force people to dig. Therefore, in the Internet circle, a newly graduated college student can get 150 thousand annual salary, which is the basic level. Although this seems incredible in the past and in other industries."

search, 360, both Sogou failure, sh419 hopeless impact, Tencent Sogou Sogou only ranked third, sh419 dominance position. Other entrants more.

, but in fact, the proportion of people who really become entrepreneurs in the post crowd is very small, the festival is really ushered in the climax of job hopping.

2, mobile search – Mobile sh419. After sh419 calls wolf sex, the speed that releases product and public relations impetus feeling is promoted apparently. sh419 Q1 single quarter R & D frenzy hit $130 million, then the mobile phone sh419’s voice search has indeed improved a lot, by the end of 13, mobile phone sh419 announced that users over 400 million.

"the frequency and motivation of internet job hopping are getting out of control now,"

A review of the

in the Internet recruitment circle, a job hopping, you can directly take 6 months before the monthly salary seems to happen at any time around. But Bao also admitted that, now the frequency and motivation of internet job are somewhat out of control, the workplace people need to think, good, and then jump.

overall, in 2013, sh419 focused on layout, search, LBS, application distribution, video four major

1, mobile social – WeChat. As the earliest ticket, WeChat now has 600 million users, set the application treasure, news, payment, electricity providers, mobile housekeeper, hand travel is equal to one, become super APP, or "ark."".


in 2014, with the development of 4G, the contradiction between WeChat and operators will be weakened, and the international market will be supported and the future will be bright. Because of IM products "winner takes all" rules, contacts, m chat, unfamiliar street are marginalized.

the 2013 inventory big big action, from prying 2014 new trends, and speculation 2014 entrepreneurial new opportunities for such a big proposition, inevitably omissions and consternation. Welcome the statements of a school master.

averages 18 months to make a

no doubt, "mobile" is 2013 Internet Keywords, but this proposition is too large, can only be described from the core of the giant mobile products briefly. Overall, the giant will PC end of the core business successfully transferred to the mobile terminal, and extended some new opportunities.

just past 2013, the Internet is dramatically in a year, can be said to be the first year of overall development of the mobile Internet, PC Internet, traditional media is crying cry decline of the year, but also the Internet giant enclosure movement is the most violent year.

in fact, Tencent advantage in mobile application more than WeChat, from the "2013 China Mobile Internet Statistics Report" can see active mobile application users in the top ten, the Tencent’s products accounted for half.

over the weekend, walking in the rare quiet Zhongguancun Venture Street Haidian book city Beijing earlier, if you are not entrepreneurs or have entrepreneurial dreams of young people seem to feel shy looked up to walk. Ella Bao said, if not the Spring Festival, every afternoon 4 points to 6 points, the street each cafe are difficult to find a seat, a large number of young people here, talk about the ideal job, about entrepreneurship, looking for investors……

3, LBS – sh419 maps platform shaping. sh419 mobile maps also explore new opportunities, around LBS launched 43200, hotels, restaurants, taxi, booking and other functions, has become a large platform for life, but also sticky.

after the Spring Festival ushered in job hopping climax

how would you describe this madness? "People quit month", this is March to pull hook net recruitment section name.

This paper attempts to

from a macro point of view, this year’s entrepreneurial force is still raging, in the industry to see, Internet companies dig feet, grab people phenomenon will be more intense. From the individual job seekers, according to a survey of Ella Bao users on the platform, after 85, 90 to basically not in an enterprise.

2013, the Internet Co competition is fierce, BAT big three oligopoly situation seems to be more stable, but from their main business BAT, PC era of the Internet to the mobile Internet era has strong confrontation situation, especially in AQ mobile for war. From the big moves of the giant, we can more clearly observe the trend of the domestic internet.

large number of start-up companies eager for a fight at high, to unimaginable salary to dig "

one, mobile Internet

can see a large number of people are leaving, more people are ready to leave. Job hopping is going to be more frenzied this year." Baueller, co-founder of 3W coffee, told the Beijing morning post. Baueller was born in 3W will be more focus on the Internet cafe recruitment platform pull hook net.

as the entrepreneurship yard exaggeration reads: "I feel Beijing is crazy, seems to age more than five years, under the age of thirty, to about three thousand, 46 English level, know KK known as the network spokesman Kevin Kelly, had access to the media and the Internet advertising company of friends have a business, Nongchao, with angel investors for a cup of coffee."

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