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tens of thousands of dollars into the low threshold of entrepreneurship, there is no millions of high marketing costs can not be promoted, so that many APP developers and developers difficult to make money. Without a stable business model, the development of APP is able to withstand the mobile Internet fast product replacement cycle, promotion difficult to see the results, from product development to promotion to the final line of the cycle is too long, most of life is very short, yet launched long, it has been unable to adapt to market demand. Some APP developers are anxious because of fierce market competition, the product is often a poor user experience, which resulted in a vicious spiral, difficult in the mobile Internet market in the forest of giant, find a foothold.

APP development and promotion difficult, in addition to burn money is the main reason, another reason is that the Internet is not yet >

today I share the topic of "what kind of Taobao guest website has the highest conversion rate?"". At ordinary times, there will always be a lot of users react with me, why some websites one hundred or two hundred IP traffic a day, but the list of transactions is very poor, but sometimes a day without a list. But some websites, only a few dozen, or even a few "poor" IP traffic every day, but every day is a deal, every day more or less income. This is the real difference, because the source conversion rate is to directional crowd, if every day a lot of traffic is non directional crowd, that too much traffic is wasted, if the flow is so directed, like "what the best search blackhead products" and other highly purchasing power and directional flow, that even a only a few days of traffic iP will also deal, I personally think that Taobao customer turnover rate increased in the following factors:

APP promotion requires platform support to find the right channel

then start off from Taobao has been more than a year’s time, I established a number of guest station, site after the K station, also experienced a ranking of the best customer experience, Taobao revenue from 0 to 1 breakthrough, slowly learned some guest experience. Do so long Taobao, give me the greatest feeling is: execution!! like Ma said: there are three streams of creative and first-class execution, I would rather have the first-class implementation, and explore the experience only in action, only in practice in order to test the theory is correct so, we need to summarize the experience in practice. Now, I would like to do so long Taobao guest course to share with you, and I hope to help you!


although the domestic mobile Internet is a large gold users with hundreds of millions of users, but the current developers are also quite a lot. This area can be said to be the lower threshold. With some technology, several people can form a team and set up a development company. Even some individuals can engage in APP development. Throughout the domestic mobile Internet, there have been more than one million developers, thousands of mobile APP development company. But at a very low threshold, it is the high cost of promotion. After all, big Internet Co generally have their own APPP development team. As for the small and medium-sized Internet Co mobile app development demand, to the extent of competition. If we want to develop a successful product, we need a certain amount of capital input. We want to make the product enter the market and obtain the users successfully. It not only takes time and cycle, but also needs a lot of promotion funds to face the fierce competition. Many APP development companies did not see Ma said "tomorrow’s sun", most of them fell on the eve of dawn.

for Taobao customers, in fact, many friends are in operation, and even many big name websites have joined in. But so many people make money, but it’s only a small part. The data can not be verified, but the real money will not exceed 10%. There are many reasons why most of my friends can’t earn money, such as not website promotion, do not know SEO, do not know how to effectively publicize, and I had also gone through this process, never understand technology, do not understand do not understand the publicity, promotion, to learn website construction, website promotion, and then slowly came into contact with Taobao,

mobile Internet has brought great subversion to people’s life, and completely changed the industrial structure of the whole internet. According to relevant data show that by 2016, the number of global App downloads will reach 300 billion times. While the domestic mobile Internet with sh419, Ali, Tencent, involved in the 360 giants, WeChat, Alipay, Taobao mobile phone mobile phone application of these heavyweight products fiery gradually mature. Mobile phone games, mobile payments, mobile social, mobile media in these areas of development, not only has generated a lot of demand, but also the birth of a large number of mobile APP development and promotion for the health of the company and developers. For many developers of mobile APP, mobile Internet is a "visible", "touched" gold, while mining the value in front, but the fierce competition, it is difficult to obtain the user traffic, no clear business model, high cost of promotion has become a cross in the mountains before moving the development of APP.

developer’s dilemma: low threshold, less money, difficult to promote

1., web art. A web page art how to decide the trust of your customers, imagine an ugly picture of "the confusion will allow consumers to trust you, if consumers do not trust, it will immediately leave, that is not what the turnover rate, so that no matter what means, you ask professional personage or you >

The development of

I had experienced a lot of Wangzhuan form, click on the class, investigation, registration, have done all kinds of CPA, CPC, CPS and so many Wangzhuan toil until their 09 year began to contact Taobao customers to promote, and that the future of CPS is a certain form of Wangzhuan sale of products, and soon a certain form of advertising will slowly into is the turnover rate for advertisers to bring real benefits to the CPS.

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