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networks make money different from real life. In reality, when you pay a day’s labor, there is a corresponding reward. But you should abandon this idea when you are on the internet. Wangzhuan for the novice is always cruel, just entered Wangzhuan, not what the basic income. I have also felt this kind of taste. When I was a novice, I ordered more than 1 months of advertising. I only got the poor 2 dollars, but I was very happy. After all, I earned the first pot of gold from the internet. And I’m interested in Wangzhuan, stick to it, do it now, Wangzhuan one also has its own site.

has no passion. VCs to entrepreneurs often say: "if you can’t convince yourself that this is a good opportunity, how can I convince investment?" if the entrepreneur not excited, investors are not excited. Listening to your plain description and lack of confidence, the investor has already given a discount, wondering if you will soon give up the business.

is blind and optimistic. Another is often seen with passion and confident enough to speak up, off the reel, as boundless as the sea and sky. It seems that the enterprises that have just been established for one year have the most competitive products in the world, and they will soon be able to bring the whole world into the territory. Some people believe that with the hand of the relationship will have everything, customers, orders will flow. And obviously, the baby nipples are sold, but it seems that the whole nation is his customers. When asked how to achieve that goal, they never thought about it.

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Wangzhuan one repeatedly remind you that Wangzhuan requires patience and tenacity, success always favors the perseverance of the people.

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to sum up what kind of entrepreneur I will choose, the answer may be too narrow. Hardworking, tenacious, honest, trustworthy, good at communication, optimistic and confident…… When you describe a group of adjectives, you will find that it is a statue, perfect and without any defects, which is impossible in reality. In reality, successful entrepreneurs no fixed model and standard, may be in a technology industry, with 1 to 3 strengths can be successful entrepreneurs, shy, shy does not matter, as long as the company of high technology and low price products to customers are attractive enough.


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with more new members to join, Wangzhuan has gradually moved toward the popularization process. More and more netizens have turned their attention to the new "online industry", which makes money online. With the increase in the ranks of friends, making friends also began to suppress their emotions, began to expand blindly. This one feature Wangzhuan this article for the majority of members to provide some help.

beginner not to speak, eat hot tofu, to hold steady, clear mind traveling light. Wangzhuan can not overnight, it is first necessary to be treated as a part-time, how much more, no less. Wait for the experience, it is bigger, you can try to own station station — of course, is not a joke, is in need of technology and Wangzhuan because you have experience, experience, can independently, your downline asks you a question you can help him. At the beginning of the higher dream of making a fortune website, is ultimately to be long, even the station did not earn the money, lose the wife of another soldier. So many novice just on the road to build the station, and finally lost money.

I think, as a beginner should know, network money is not a day for two days, three minutes is doomed to failure. One or two months ago Wangzhuan maybe you haven’t what income, but this time you find time to study, learn to get far more than. Don’t just see the surface phenomenon, because you have accumulated wealth in the original wangzhuan.

before leaving, by answering the question of an entrepreneur, talk about my choice of investment object considerations. Generally speaking, there are three major directions for investment selection: people, markets and products. And in my decision making process, people are the first. Because the market will change, products can be improved, and many of the characteristics of human life is accompanied.

recommends beginners start from the best PTC click Wangzhuan, do not have to spend too much time, one hour a day is enough, this is the easiest way to make money.


of two minds. I never support of two minds of entrepreneurs. I have refused to invest in several projects. The product competitiveness and market prospect of the project are good, and the quality of the entrepreneurs is also high, but >

what types of entrepreneurs are likely to be rejected by VC?

VCs are often eliminated, and some types of entrepreneurs flash. In particular, VCs often see a few companies a day, and often the first impression determines your destiny. Some of the common culling types are listed below. This list is not comprehensive, nor is it unique. It is for reference only.

novice new Wangzhuan always confused very strange, I also understand each Wangzhuan have passed this way, but I also hope that one can become a novice Wangzhuan Wangzhuan warm home, so we can be in the group raised various questions, one will Wangzhuan for you to answer or consult the webmaster the only contact :1216710082

in the twinkling of an eye, this column is already two years old. I actually wrote 24 things. Writing is really a happy thing, just need to consume a lot of brain cells brewing. People say that VCs are busy making money, can quiet down, writing is not much, I count as an alternative bar. But recently I need a break to adjust.

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