Two college students open shop a year of net income over 100 thousandBeanVR promotion in Shenzhen i

a year ago, two Chongqing University senior business net, Taobao shop to open shop, clothing retail. A year later, the business bigger and bigger. The two is not only in the area of Pedestrian Street opened two clothing stores, online business is booming. At present, has been more than 10 yuan net profit.

give up work to invest 50 thousand

joined the business alliance, students do not invest, can go to the Taobao store shop, the goods provided by me, the owner of the goods.

"parents have contacted me a big bank, a monthly salary of 4000 yuan." Zhang Pengxiang from Henan Zhengzhou, in order to continue to operate their own shop, opened the Chongqing local clothing wholesale market, he decided to give up this attractive work, continue to stay in Chongqing to work hard. In order to expand the scale, in August last year, Zhang Pengxiang spent 2000 yuan per month, in the pedestrian street of Shapingba Wangfujing department store building 13 leased two houses, used to display clothes and contact the wholesale business. "With the computer configuration, purchase fees and advertising fees, a total investment of about 50 thousand yuan." Zhang Pengxiang’s girlfriend Feng Shuangmei is a student of the Sichuan Academy of fine arts, is the clothing store clerk, she introduces, at present every day, Chongqing local businesses to store goods, plus shop, shop Zhang Pengxiang monthly total income in 8000 yuan.

in February this year, Zhang Pengxiang registered its own website, in addition to the Taobao retail store shop, two people in their own web site wholesale sales of products. Zhang Pengxiang this year’s goal is to establish "entrepreneurship alliance", he is ready to establish 100 entrepreneurial teams in Colleges and universities in Chongqing.

innovation Nanshan venture star contest sponsored by the Nanshan District people’s government, Shenzhen City, Shenzhen city science and Technology Innovation Committee of Shenzhen science and Technology Association, Shenzhen City, Shenzhen City, Nanshan District Bureau of science and technology innovation of Nanshan District science and technology innovation service center, Shenzhen city science and technology innovation promotion contractors, Shenzhen contact entrepreneurial salon, Nanshan "incubator" union, venture star investment alliance Co, is a foothold in Nanshan, facing the country, the global radiation "to encourage innovation, large enterprise to support entrepreneurship" and project selection activities.

November 2016, innovation Nanshan 2016 venture Star Contest Internet division officially start, BeanVR articles since the R & D project "virtual reality and augmented reality system and software development in Shenzhen social innovation Nanshan 2016 venture star" selection, and from the division of total competition heats a total of 400 projects, the total competition of talent shows itself a total of 3672 projects in the preliminaries, semi-finals.

will build entrepreneurial alliance

was originally a monthly income of 3000 yuan

BeanVR www.beanvr "virtual reality and augmented reality of social software and systems focus on VR/AR/MR social interaction technology research and development, based on the computing platform, product positioning virtual reality is the next generation of social applications, on the virtual industry 3-5 market outbreak. Pan entertainment as the starting point, to subvert the existing social way and mode of operation to provide professional quality cross platform social interaction platform media, provide multiple communication experience for consumers; the application of virtual interactive technology to provide professional solutions for the industry, to solve the current hardware standards, user experience loneliness, pain play dull market point.

"we are fashion, we do fashion leader!" this is the pedestrian street of Shapingba Wangfujing department store building 13 floor of a wholesale clothing shop in the advertisement, the 24 year old college student Zhang Pengxiang is the clothing store owner. Reporters yesterday in the clothing store to see, in addition to a superb collection of beautiful things clothing and accessories, three computer placed in the clothing store in the corner of the computer screen kept flashing display, online business is ongoing.

Zhang Pengxiang and Song Meiqiu is the Chongqing University art college classmate, Zhang Pengxiang from Henan Zhengzhou, Song Meiqiu from Shandong Jining. In January last year, two people together to the Taobao store and began to sell game currency, then began to do the clothing retail, the sales target is the fashionable young people, especially college students. The side of the class, while the first shop, a month can earn 3000 yuan." Zhang Pengxiang introduction, when they are taking the model, from the purchase of some coastal city, there are orders online, then the goods sent by courier from Chongqing.

held the first contest in 2008 so far, eight years a total of 7010 innovation projects entered the competition, more than 2500 people, technical experts and industry insiders as judges, 300 times the project investigation, more than 20 mainstream media coverage of nearly 1000, 142 innovative companies, 136 start-up team including students get bonuses totaling $39 million all kinds of cooperation, to more than 3000, driven by the investment of 200 projects of more than 2 billion yuan of nearly 100 domestic mainstream investment institutions.


in July last year, two people successfully get a diploma from the Chongqing University, at the time, they have established the "fashion leader" studio in the online clothing sales focus from retail wholesale.

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