How to improve the webmaster Wangzhuan shlf1314 advertising priceHow to change the only CPS Network

finally, the webmaster can add some pinyin or letters near the ads to increase the number of English ads displayed by shlf1314 Adsense!


alliance marketing Affiliate Marketing is a kind of "pay by effect", "do not spend money and make money" network marketing model. The Weiyi alliance marketing professional services, advertisers according to the marketing effect such as sales or telephone guidance effect pay commissions, save marketing expenses, improve the quality of marketing; membership owners are through advertising and advertisers, and get a commission into, to achieve the long-term benefits.

billing: advertisers according to the number of subsequent behavioral advertising after the release of website visitors to advertising generated i.e. number of for settlement members and owners, and not according to the number of visitors to the website advertising reach for settlement.

alliance! !

this article from the Internet phone free to hit the original, starting in the A5 web site, trouble reproduced this soft Wen friends, retain the relevant link information:

1.CPS cost per salse: Commission billing for the type of sale, that is, in accordance with the arrival of advertisers designated marketing effect monitoring point of the total effective performance billing. The fee is set at fixed amount, and each amount may be based on percentage of sales.

According to the effect of !Conclusion:

what is the pay per effect

when an advertiser joined Weiyi, set up their own advertising activities including advertising, advertising Settings link address, the marketing effect and effect of unit settlement price etc., you can publish your own webmaster advertising campaign to members through the system. When a member of the Weiyi has entered the agreement with the advertiser to broadcast the advertiser’s advertising campaign, the member of the station can publish the advertiser’s advertisement to his website.

3.CPC >

do shlf1314 webmaster Adsense if there is no advanced technology, so you’d better not try to cheat, because shlf1314 officials will not be in your review of your account before payment, but will come to $one hundred in you, that is the standard of payment will arrive to review your account, to see whether you are in cheating and decide whether or not to K your



2.CPL cost, per, lead: the billing method for the Commission is the type of guide, that is, according to the effective user of the marketing effect monitoring point designated by the advertiser. The fee is set to fixed amount each.

advertisers release advertising activities within the system, they must clearly inform each advertising campaign’s marketing effectiveness requirements and unit effect settlement prices.

what is affiliate marketing,

? When

the only Commission type

first, before we put shlf1314 Adsense advertising must be selected on the type of site, like this station can be avoided! Careful webmaster should be aware of the different types of websites on the shlf1314 ads, advertising content or price is not the same, such as the popular industry class website shlf1314 advertising unit a certain type of website is popular than those of high cost, so if you do class website, do not suggest that you sand to advertising shlf1314, because no matter how you optimize each click on the unit price will be in the 0.01 to 0.03 U.S. dollars, there is little more than 0.05 of the price, and so on the shlf1314 ads, than to stay out for some other vacancies at relatively high

unique alliance running mode

effects: visitors to the site see clicks from the ads on the site and arrive at links, pages, downloads, registrations, or purchases, and a variety of subsequent actions.

must do shlf1314 Adsense alliance webmaster all know English price far more than Chinese high, but we have no way to do English station, but also want the website how to do some English advertising? In fact, the method is very simple, as long as you put an advertisement in the local optimization, this kind of advertising English probability with the number of will be more

the second station in the shlf1314 advertising management background filtering low advertising, the advertising price is relatively low for those who can find the next sh419! shlf1314 advertising alliance price is fluctuating, some advertising price is high, some of it is very low, in order to be able to put our website income, their owners can go to the shlf1314 advertising management background block those with low price advertising, as to what the advertising price is relatively low, the webmaster can sh419 or shlf1314, believe the Internet should have many sites with relevant data provide

believes that shlf1314 did Adsense webmaster all know, even if your website content and visitors and advertising content are the same, but shlf1314’s advertising price is not the same, some single site is very high, some of it is very low, the webmaster to how to improve the shlf1314 advertising click at

when a visitor visits the site and clicks on the ad, Weiyi’s system tracks the behavior behind the click of the visitor. As long as this visitor occurs, the advertiser will record the marketing effect specified in the ad campaign, and Weiyi will inform the relevant advertiser and member webmaster on a regular basis through the corresponding reports.

Weiyi will manage and track the release of these ads and the marketing results through their adopted systems.


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