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in July 2013, by the United States National Ice Cream month Dongfeng, Uber launched the "express ice cream" service; the same year, Uber also introduced from New York to Hampton, the helicopter + car rental service, of course, the need for consumers to pay $3000 in fees to enjoy. In addition, Uber also on the national cat Festival on the line express mail service, a series of "extra service" shows that Uber is not satisfied with just manned services, but to develop into a variety of service platform.

China’s Internet is supported by the capital to today, the historical merits of venture investment, no one can erase. But when venture capital is becoming a boring pile of money games, winning or losing all depends on whether money is piled high or not, the entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial mindset are distorted.

for some time, the capital has been making the Internet "giant baby" – a huge baby company. The company at the age of three or four, but he has a giant body in general, money is just puffiness, they really thought that he has become a tall, muscular giant, chasing the Lord it over a district.

many dead after a taxi software company with good luck, Cheng Wei, a gold master at any time money and guns, their side when a gold master mercenaries, grow their own side. Of course, no one wants to be considered an excuse for his failure, but the statement itself is not far from the truth. And I think that, by others to death with money, not more than the money Duida shame.

six or seven years ago, the development of group purchase at the beginning of the "hundred regiments" thrilling, capital of fashion, heavily bet. Handle net with three rounds of financing $166 million record, became the largest financing buy site. Handle network founder Wu Bo said, "the division of labor is me."

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, through the growing demand for the market to observe, predict that Uber will expand abroad in the short term.

initial stage, San Francisco as the basis for domestic radiation


with the funds and the accumulation of user needs, Travis Kalanick Uber has quickly become a reality, the layout of Canada Toronto and Mexico City car rental market, to open up the market to prepare the whole america.



2012, Cheng Wei founded the predecessor of Beijing travel by small orange technology, this is a potentially die over a period of time, not much different from the same period of other dozens of taxi software company, until the Tencent invested in it, and will spearhead the payment as a mobile phone with ALI shares. Fast taxi fight line, seems to have dead drops cast, and quickly become oligarchs.

bit trip has 6 rounds of financing, raised a total of nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars, easily broke the U.S. group created China Internet start-up company’s financing record. Before merging with the drop, the quick taxi had 4 rounds of financing, raising about $800 million. Another competitor, Uber, China, has raised more than $2 billion before dropping acquisitions.

July 2012, Uber settled in London, while providing service only 90 drivers, BMW, cheetah two models for Uber users, creating the Uber minimum scale of service record, but the march of London, Uber seize the European car market started the first gun.

Abstract: but this is the Internet business, isn’t it? Study users, study technology, grinding products, grasp the industry brings you the opportunity to continue to create miracles, instead of financing, financing, financing, and capital merger with another dinosaur, the end of the competition.

on November 2013, Uber announced its first foray into Eastern Europe, the first stop being Moscow, russia. Moscow has more than 11 million of the population, >

people often say, for the Internet business, money can solve the problem, is not a problem. The problem now is that money can solve almost all problems that seem to be crowding out competitors, cleaning market, build team, recruit talent, improve the technology and products, and more, please press release more gorgeous PPT in larger venues…… Everything is money, everything can be done with money, and the only variable is who to give the money to.

November 28, 2013, foreign car rental applications Uber began testing in Shenzhen, China, this is also in August this year after entering Shanghai, Uber in China’s second layout. As a start-up in 2009, Uber has left its footprint in 22 countries worldwide, and has made big moves on the road to expansion. Uber has made a following analysis of the process of Globalization:

Everything is ready to enter the European

2009-2011 was founded in the early years, Uber is not positioning itself as a high-end car rental application, but with UberCab as the company name for the integration of idle resources taxi, car rental services to consumers. Until May 2011, Uber was not related to the United States Department of transportation taxi company license in the name of a $20000 fine, only the company name officially changed from UberCab to Uber, and focus on high-end car market. Although "eat the lawsuit", but Uber at headquarters in San Francisco based small scale expansion is not affected, Seattle, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Denver and other twenty city in the United States have Uber’s car in the active.

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